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review ico zuflo coin

Zuflo.io – The First Trading And Financing Platform Integrated With Blockchain

Zuflo.io is a revolutionary Trading and Finance platform designed specifically for the industrial era 4.0. The Zuflo platform is integrated into Sidechain / Blockchain technology, supported by AI Tools, Proof of Business Identity...

/ June 22, 2018
review ico asuracoin

Asuracoin – Blockchain Based Platform Created For Worldwide eSports Enthusiasts

Asuracoin is the first unique Neo blockchain-based platform that wants to solve some of the problems experienced by eSports fans. Asuracoin created Asura World as a platform that serves to unite the global...

/ June 6, 2018

Payera – Blockchain Based Platform With Multifunction Solutions For Ease of Use Cryptocurrency

Payera is a blockchain-based platform that wants to create a new era of cryptocurrency. Payera comes as an easy solution and encourages more use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, whether offline or online....

/ June 6, 2018
review ico investinbrokers

Investinbrokers – Platform Copy Trading That Makes Cryptocurrency Trade Becomes Easier and Profitable

Investinbrokers is a copy-trading social platform created to provide win-win solutions to novice and experienced beginner cryptocurrency traders. Through API services, beginner merchants can copy strategies that are applied by experienced traders in...

/ June 4, 2018
review ico datablockchain

Data Blockchain – Blockchain Based Revolutionary Platform To Interfere With The Current Data Industry

Datablockchain is a platform created to disrupt the data supply industry today. Datablockchain  combines Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchain Technology to help provide quality data to individuals and companies around the world....

/ June 3, 2018
ICO token GBT

Globatalent – Blockchain Based Revolutionary Platform To Decentralize The Sports Industry

  Globatalent is a unique blockchain-based platform created to revolutionize the sports industry. Globatalent wants to turn the multibillion-dollar sports industry into a safer, transparent, and profitable all-party. The platform will also decentralize...

/ June 2, 2018
review ico Money Token

MoneyToken – Instant Fund Loan Platform Aimed For All Cryptocurrency Holders

MoneyToken is a platform that offers instant lending of liquid funds, with collateral in the form of cryptocurrency assets. The platform is here to provide solutions for cryptocurrency owners who are in urgent...

/ June 1, 2018
ico token UST

Usechain – The New Generation Of Blockchain Technology That Offers The First Mirror Identity

Usechain is a platform that is trying to create a new generation of the blockchain, leading the industry into the development of blockchain 3.0 technology. Usechain focus introduces random work evidence and new...

/ May 31, 2018
ico token LSC

LocalCoinSwap – The Most Profitable And Inclusive Cryptocurrency P2P Exchange Platform In The World

LocalCoinSwap is the world’s first cryptocurrency peer to peer exchange platform that distributes return benefits to the token holder. This is a platform that entirely offers transparency, decentralization, high security, and convenience to...

/ May 30, 2018

Buddy – Decentralized Blockchain Based Application Development Automation Platform

Buddy is a blockchain-based revolutionary platform created to facilitate automatic application development operations. Buddy is present as a real annoyance in the application automation industry, which continues to grow significantly over time. Buddy...

/ May 28, 2018