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GlobalReit.io – The First REIT Platform In The Blockchain Based World

Global Reit is the world’s first blockchain-based online shariah REIT platform launched in the market. This platform is intended for holders of Real Estate Assets who want to enter the crypto domain liquid...

/ May 1, 2018
ico token flux

Flux.fund – Blockchain Based Game Platform Which Offers The Most Complete Service For Players And Developers

What is Flux.fund? Flux.fund is a blockchain-based platform devoted to a global game ecosystem. Because it is built on blockchain technology, it makes the platform wholly decentralized and transparent. The primary purpose of...

/ May 1, 2018
yumerium open gaming platform

Yumerium.com – Blockchain Based Blocking Platform That Reaches Just Gamers

What is Yumerium? Yumerium is a blockchain-based open source game platform, which gives gamers incentives every time they play, reviews and shares their favorite games available on the Yumerium platform. Yumerium has its...

/ May 1, 2018

Keplertek.org – Platform That Brings Blockchain To The Robotics And AI Development Industry

What is Keplertek? Keplertek.org is a new platform in blockchain that is creating ecosystems to support the development and production of AI and robotics, fully transparent and decentralized. The main project that Keplertek...

/ May 1, 2018

Opiria.io – Blockchain Based Platform To Revolutionize Global Personal Data Trading Industry

Opiria is a blockchain based platform that acts as a decentralized personal data trading market that ensures security and transparency. Opiria will form a new ecosystem that allows companies to purchase personal data...

/ May 1, 2018

Ubonium – The Innovative Platform That Creates ETCF Financial And Market Services

Ubonium is the world’s largest and most decentralized platform that will create a blockchain-based Exchange Trade Crypto Funds market. Ubonium is present as an ecosystem that unites markets and financial services. The three...

/ May 1, 2018
ico ubiatar

UbiatarPlay – A Unique Blockchain Based Platform That Allows Everyone To Teleport

UbiatarPlay is a blockchain based revolutionary platform that will serve as a market for Ubiatar services. Ubiatar is developing a project that allows humans to teleport, like in films. With Ubiatar, everyone will...

/ April 29, 2018
cardstack ico

Cardstack – Blockchain Based Platform That Will Create Decentralized Application Ecosystems

Cardstack is a decentralized software ecosystem platform. Supported by consensus protocols and open-source frameworks, it will create a mass market of economically scalable and sustainable applications over blockchain technology. The ultimate goal is...

/ April 28, 2018
ico baanx

BAANX – The First Blockchain Based Platform to Create Decentralized Cryptobank Networks

BAANX is the world’s first decentralized crypto bank network platform built on blockchain technology and backed by smart contracts. BAANX was created to make it easier for companies to set up a decentralized...

/ April 28, 2018

Utemis – Blockchain Based Unique Platform That Will Develop Business in Latin America

Utemis is a B2B e-commerce platform that emphasizes the company’s reputation for building trust with secure transaction guarantees and more efficient trading models. Utemis will decentralize the company’s reputation in Blockchain and plan to...

/ April 28, 2018