Volttech.io – Blockchain Based P2P Delivery Platform

Volt is a peer to peer delivery platform on the same day based on the blockchain. Volt was created to develop a centralized delivery platform like Uber, decentralized. Through its P2P transaction model,...

/ May 8, 2018
ico token DTE

Decoin.io – The Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Trading and Exchange Platform That Shares Profits To Its Token Holders

Decoin.io is a decentralized, pure and straightforward multi-currency exchange and trading platform based on the decentralized blockchain. This is a unique and revolutionary platform in the crypto industry, with the concept of Coin...

/ May 5, 2018

Safein.com – Digital Identity Management Platform And Blockchain Based Single-On Payment Wallet

Safein is a decentralized, decentralized single-on-board digital identity payment and identity management platform. The mission of Safein is to create revolutionary solutions for users and businesses. Safein provides a guarantee of convenience, trust,...

/ May 2, 2018
ico kon token

Konios – Revolutionary Platform That Easily Exchange Cryptocurrency With Fiat

Konios is the world’s most secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform and global fiat currency based on the blockchain. The ultimate goal of creating the Konios platform is to make it easier for...

/ May 1, 2018

Bobsrepair.com – Decentralized Platform Built on Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize Home Improvement Industry

Bobsrepair.com is a decentralized platform that wants to revolutionize the home improvement industry by utilizing blockchain technology. The platform was created to address three serious issues that have been hampered the growth of...

/ May 1, 2018
ico GRET and

GlobalReit.io – The First REIT Platform In The Blockchain Based World

Global Reit is the world’s first blockchain-based online shariah REIT platform launched in the market. This platform is intended for holders of Real Estate Assets who want to enter the crypto domain liquid...

/ May 1, 2018
ico token flux

Flux.fund – Blockchain Based Game Platform Which Offers The Most Complete Service For Players And Developers

What is Flux.fund? Flux.fund is a blockchain-based platform devoted to a global game ecosystem. Because it is built on blockchain technology, it makes the platform wholly decentralized and transparent. The primary purpose of...

/ May 1, 2018
yumerium open gaming platform

Yumerium.com – Blockchain Based Blocking Platform That Reaches Just Gamers

What is Yumerium? Yumerium is a blockchain-based open source game platform, which gives gamers incentives every time they play, reviews and shares their favorite games available on the Yumerium platform. Yumerium has its...

/ May 1, 2018

Keplertek.org – Platform That Brings Blockchain To The Robotics And AI Development Industry

What is Keplertek? Keplertek.org is a new platform in blockchain that is creating ecosystems to support the development and production of AI and robotics, fully transparent and decentralized. The main project that Keplertek...

/ May 1, 2018

Opiria.io – Blockchain Based Platform To Revolutionize Global Personal Data Trading Industry

Opiria is a blockchain based platform that acts as a decentralized personal data trading market that ensures security and transparency. Opiria will form a new ecosystem that allows companies to purchase personal data...

/ May 1, 2018