Hello all cryptocurrency investors, welcome back to the blog Thedailyico.com. On this occasion, I would like to invite you to get to know more about the TravelNote platform.

With the help of blockchain technology, Travelnote wants to be the most innovative and trusted travel management company in the world. This platform creates the TravelNote Token based on ERC20 Ethereum, as the first payment gate for all travel services offered by the company.

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What is the TravelNote platform?


Travelnote is a company engaged in the Travel field and has been operating since 2015. TravelNote has various types of services, ranging from hotel bookings, domestic and international flight ticket bookings, tour packages, car, and motorbike rentals.

TravelNote is not a project that is still in the planning stage but has been operating actively for three years. This is an added value that TravelNote has, compared to other blockchain-based projects that are still limited to ideas and concepts.

TravelNote became the leader of the first travel company to use blockchain technology. This company has experience in serving Private, family and even Corporate tour groups.

The primary mission of the TravelNote platform is to provide services that can meet all the needs of travelers while traveling, both domestic and foreign. The intended needs start from booking hotels, renting motorbikes, renting cars, and so on.

In addition to making it easier for travelers while on vacation, TravelNote will also serve trips for business needs. TravelNote connects the travel platform with blockchain technology, which uses cryptocurrency as the company’s main payment gate in the future.

Therefore, he created the TravelNote Token. Later, a traveler can book hotels, book airplane tickets or rent motorbikes using the TravelNote Token. Many advantages can be obtained by a traveler when a transaction uses the TravelNote Token.

A traveler’s advantage when using TVNT as a payment gate:
  • Digital asset transactions and personal data that are 100% safe.
  • Get special cashback.
  • Protect all balance information and personal financial data.

The success of this project is primarily determined by the development of the TravelNote ecosystem, which uses TravelNote Token as the company’s main payment gate. Therefore, the platform will continue to develop the TravelNote ecosystem, especially in the Southeast Asian region.

Potential of Cryptocurrency and Travel industry

As we see today, the cryptocurrency industry continues to proliferate. Over time, more and more people have learned and started to adopt cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, travel is one industry that has never been lonely interested. Holidays have long been the lifestyle of the majority of people, especially those living in urban areas. Vacation is a mandatory activity, so you can forget the stress caused by work and calm down for a moment.

Also, the development of social media also participated in the rapid growth of the travel industry. Right now, everyone likes to visit tourist attractions to take pictures and share them on social media. Photos on tourist attractions as if it had become the lifestyle of modern society today.

Seeing the enormous potential in travel agencies and the growing development of cryptocurrency, for this reason, TravelNote combines both. TravelNote is present as a platform that will provide a comfortable vacation for everyone, with cryptocurrency as a payment tool.

Why choose the ERC20 technology Token?

TravelNote uses Smart Contract (ERC20) from Ethereum to guarantee all potential investors, token owners, and business owners to be able to transact openly and transparently. Later, this Smart Contract can be seen by all users transparently and publicly on the blockchain network Ethereum.

ICO TravelNote Token (TVNT)

Total Supply is 5,000,000 TVNT. ICO TravelNote Token is held on 9 November 2018 – 30 November 2018. The price of 1 TVNT is 0.0007 ETH. 1 Ethereum is equivalent to 1,333 TVNT. The platform accepts purchases of tokens using Ethereum, with a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH.

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