Hello cryptocurrency investor all, welcome back to the Thedailyico.com blog. In this discussion, I will review an exciting and innovative project, named Poseidon. This platform wants to invite you to jointly save the world from the adverse effects of climate change, due to the increasing uncontrolled carbon footprint.

With Stellar blockchain technology, Poseidon will present a sophisticated tool that allows everyone to calculate the amount of carbon footprint they produce every day. Instead of causing adverse impacts on climate change, Poseidon will change the lifestyle of everyone so that it can have a positive effect on the earth’s climate.

Approximately, how does the Poseidon platform realize its purpose? Why does he prefer the Stellar blockchain compared to Ethereum? Check out the full explanation of Poseidon below.

What is the Poseidon platform?

Poseidon is a non-profit foundation based in Malta and wants to take significant steps to tackle climate change. Poseidon allows everyone to rebalance the carbon impact produced by his or her daily lifestyle.

Poseidon will utilize blockchain technology to connect retailers and consumers directly with forest conservation projects.

Poseidon’s vision is to create a platform that implements carbon credits in everyday life. Poseidon offers fully transparent and seamless accountability for every carbon footprint produced by consumer purchases. The primary goal of Poseidon is to save the earth’s climate to stay in control.

Poseidon has collaborated with Echospare + to supply carbon credits. Echospare + manages and selects a portfolio of all projects that aim to protect forests around the world.

Problems that Poseidon wants to solve?

Over the past few years, the adverse effects of climate change and the increasing carbon footprint have become one of the most severe problems in various parts of the world. From time to time, the carbon footprint continues to increase along with the increasing amount of consumption of each person in everyday life.

Have you ever realized, if each person’s lifestyle contributes a different amount of carbon footprint? The more consumptive lifestyle, the more carbon footprint is produced.

Unfortunately, most people around the world have not yet realized this carbon footprint problem. The impact is enormous for climate change on earth. If left unchecked, the planet we live in together will be increasingly damaged. Now you have even felt the impact yourself, how hot the earth’s temperature is in the past few years.

On the other hand, people who realize the impact of the carbon footprint on climate change on earth, unfortunately, have no way to balance the carbon footprint they have produced. They are willing to pay more for the sake of maintaining the climate on earth to keep it clean and safe.

Poseidon gives the solution

To overcome all the problems above, Poseidon came up with innovative solutions. In this case, Poseidon created a system called carbon credit. One carbon credits owned by users represent one ton of carbon dioxide that can be used.

If the user activity has produced more than one ton of carbon dioxide, then he is obliged to repurchase carbon credits. However, if the event has not consumed one ton of carbon dioxide, the remaining carbon credits can be sold.

First of all, Poseidon will integrate carbon credits at the retail level. This is a very effective way to make significant changes. Because consumers can see the amount of carbon footprint, they produce in the everyday purchase. Poseidon can calculate the carbon footprint in grams, such as when buying a cup of coffee.

With a point of sale (POS) solution at the retail level, efforts to balance the carbon footprint are indeed more accurate. If integration at the retail level is successful, Poseidon will develop at the company and government level.

Everyone can easily reach carbon markets that were previously very difficult to achieve through his or her smartphones. Everyone can pay bills accurately according to the carbon footprint he or she produces.

Why choose Stellar Blockchain?

Stellar Blockchain was chosen because it offers a very high level of efficiency. Each transaction can be completed at a low cost and is very fast, without requiring much electricity. Stellar blockchain power consumption is more economical than VISA.

Poseidon can verify the status of carbon credits in real time and support everyone who wants to participate in emissions reduction projects.

Case Scheme of Using Poseidon


  1. After joining the Poseidon platform, Andi bought a bag.
  2. The retailer POS system shows that the bag purchased by Andi has a carbon impact of 7 kilograms.
  3. Andi makes a payment using his card. Next, the POS retailer shared the purchase details of Andi with the Poseidon backend.
  4. Poseidon’s backend then matches Andi’s profile automatically.
  5. Next, Andi buys the OCEAN token as compensation for the carbon footprint he has already produced.
  6. The OCEAN Token gives Andi 7 kg of carbon credit.
  7. This will add credence to Andi’s profile, and update the blockchain with transaction details.
  8. Do not wait long, Andi will get a notification if his bag now has a carbon neutral footprint.
  9. Andi then opens the smartphone and chooses the forest protection project that you want to support.

ICO OCEAN tokens

OCEAN is an original token created by Poseidon to facilitate every transaction in the ecosystem. The first round of the ICO OCEAN token has been completed and will be held again on February 19, 2019. The price of 1 OCEAN token is 0.2400 EUR. The platform accepts investments using BTC, ETH, and XLM.




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