Hello cryptocurrency investor all, welcome back to the Thedailyico.com blog. On this occasion, I will review a new blockchain-based project from Indonesia, namely Eunomia.

Eunomia is a project that is developing a decentralized marketing ecosystem, with Eunomia Token (ENT) as its main payment instrument. Eunomia’s team will take care of permits in Indonesia and Singapore to apply the payment method using ENT.

The Eunomia project has a large target market in the Asian region and aims to help SMEs in Indonesia market their products online. Both on a national and international scale.

Just follow the Eunomia Token ICO review below.

Problems that Eunomia wants to solve

Indonesia is a country that has a vast number of SMEs ( UKM ), reaching around 59.2 million. From year to year, the number of Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs in Indonesia continues to increase. According to the Secretary of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, in 2019 the government is optimistic that the number of new UKM entrepreneurs will grow by around 5%.

SMEs in Indonesia has proven successful in creating high-quality products, which are also marketed internationally. Some SME products in Indonesia that have been sold in various countries include batik clothes, various handicrafts, typical snacks and many more. The existence of SMEs has a significant role as a supporter of Indonesia’s economic strength.

However, unfortunately, not all SMEs can market their products on the international market. Even there are still many SMEs in Indonesia who only have limited markets. This makes many products piled up, which hampers the growth of SMEs themselves.

Also, there are still many SMEs who have not utilized technology development optimally as a media for marketing their products. This can be proven by the number of SMEs that sell their products online only around 8%, or just 3.79 million SMEs.

To help overcome the severe problems faced by SMEs in Indonesia, the Eunomia platform was created.

Eunomia gives the solution

Eunomia created an online market on blockchain technology that will help SMEs in Indonesia to market and sell their products efficiently. Both on a national and international scale.

Now they don’t need to be confused anymore looking for media to market their products, because Eunomia will come up with various exciting features that facilitate the buying and selling process between producers and consumers.

Thanks to Eunomia, SMEs in Indonesia can reach the international market very quickly. SME products can compete in the global market without having to undergo a series of complicated processes and do not require many costs.

Platform Eunomia is ready for the development of buying and selling in the e-commerce industry which is predicted to increase sharply in 2020. Eunomia wants to be a leader in the field of sales and purchases globally.

Eunomia Token (ENT) serves as a payment tool that facilitates transactions between producers and consumers. Both parties can transact safely and comfortably on the Eunomia platform using ENT.

Eunomia Tokens can be exchanged into several cryptocurrencies on platforms, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Later, he can also be converted into FIAT currency. All transactions of digital assets and personal data of users are guaranteed to be 100% safe using Eunomia Token.

Eunomia Token can now be traded on FATBTC. As time goes by, Eunomia Token will be registered with several well-known exchangers.

ICO Eunomia Token

Eunomia Token (ENT) ICO began on September 28, 2018. Platform Eunomia created a supply of 20,000,000,000 ENT. There are 11,000,000,000 ENT available during ICO.

1 ETH is equivalent to 10,000,000 ENT. The platform accepts the purchase of ENT tokens using ETH, with a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH. A 5% bonus is given to investors with purchases above 20 ETH.

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