Hello all cryptocurrency lovers, welcome back to the Thedailyico.com blog. On this occasion, I will review a project that has strong potential to grow in the future, namely arawtoken.io. The Araw platform is developing a decentralized payment solution ecosystem for the global e-commerce industry, utilizing Blockchain Ethereum technology.

The mission of the Araw platform is to create a comprehensive solution for the E-Commerce Market, Online Cryptocurrency Payments, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Cards, and Integrated Gift Systems that offer benefits to consumers and buyers in E-Commerce.

To increase the number of users, the Araw ecosystem is built with transparent, effective and scalable values, but still simple. Here traders and consumers can interact in a way that is reliable, mutually beneficial, and untrustworthy.

The Araw platform has an ERC-20 standard utility token called the Araw token. This token is specially designed for the global E-Commerce market. The function of the Araw token is as an integrated payment and gift tool in the Araw ecosystem.

Find out more about the Araw platform in the following article.

What is the Araw Platform?

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Araw is a platform that allows everyone around the world to shop at E-Commerce online with payment methods using cryptocurrency (Araw tokens). Also, Araw also activates instore micropayments that can be used by users to transact in offline stores, such as coffee shops.

The Araw platform offers decentralized payment solutions supported by Blockchain Ethereum. Araw became the first company to combine payment systems, Blockchain, and the E-Commerce industry.

The Araw platform provides end-to-end solutions that cover all the needs of consumers and traders to make transactions. It consists of E-Commerce Marketplace, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Unified Reward System, Araw Mobile Wallet, open API platforms, banking systems, and crypto exchanges.

 Problems that Araw wants to solve

The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing markets every year. In 2021, global retail E-Commerce sales are expected to reach $ 4.5 trillion. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is the preferred transaction mode for most commercial businesses. At present, the number reaches hundreds of billions and is expected to rise to trillions.

However, unfortunately, in these two industries that have fantastic growth, there are still many problems that are less profitable for the community. First, the gift system that applies to online and offline traders is still minimal and cannot be used to meet user needs.

Then, there are still many consumers who have not made purchases on international E-Commerce sites because of the complicated payment problems, more expensive transaction fees, and potential customers who are worried about transaction security.

Meanwhile, Araw also realizes that cryptocurrency is still not widely used by the public in everyday shopping. For example, to buy at Kopo shops, restaurants, shopping centers, and so on.

 Araw gives the solution

To deal with some of the problems above, the Araw platform integrates decentralized payment methods and an E-Commerce business built on Blockchain Ethereum technology. The following are the solutions created by the Araw platform.

  1. Araw Pay

Araw Pay is an online widget that is easily installed on all websites, allowing traders to receive payments in the form of Araw tokens. This will also make it easier for consumers to make online payments with just one click.

  1. E-Commerce Market

At Araw Marketplace, traders and consumers can exchange items with Araw tokens from peer to peer. This transaction will involve a smart contract with Ethereum. There are many choices of goods for consumers, ranging from gadgets, computers, jackets, bags, and others.

  1. Araw Touch and Pay Card

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With Araw touch and pay card, customers can make micropayments easily in supermarkets, coffee shops, or online shopping every day. Through this solution, the Araw platform aims to increase blockchain adoption for ordinary people around the world.

On the other hand, Araw tokens aim to be part of everyone in shopping offline and online every day.

  1. Open the Platform API

Global merchants can easily install Technical APIs Araw and start accepting crypto payments in one click.

  1. Banking System Integration

Users can top-up Araw tokens with their bank account and can change Araw’s cashback tokens to real money quickly.

  1. Araw Mobile Wallet

Araw Mobile Wallet is integrated with the Crypto Currency Exchange and Banking to facilitate user activity. All can be done in your hands.

  1. Integration of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Here users can exchange their Araw tokens for BTC or ETH.

  1. Integrated Gift System

The Araw platform will activate an integrated gift system for the E-Commerce ecosystem. This solution will benefit consumers and traders. Consumers will receive Araw tokens as prizes when buying items at Merchant-A. Araw tokens received can be used to buy more things or be exchanged into cash.

For traders, this concept will increase sales because more and more consumers shop at the Araw ecosystem. Consumers feel valued for their participation in carrying out transactions.


ARAW ICO tokens are held from 1 July to 30 August 2018. The price of 1 ARAW token is $ 0.01. The platform only accepts ARAW token payments using ETH. Soft stamp is 2,000,000 USD and hard stamp is 25,000,000 USD. The total supply of ARAW tokens available is 5,000,000,000 and is available for the sale of tokens totaling 3,500,000,000.


Araw is a project that has significant and innovative plans for the E-Commerce industry. The company is supported by a team of experienced developers in the E-Commerce business sector and investment banks. The ARAW platform is not a startup which is still limited to a concept, but it already exists and operates for two years.

MVP is also available, and you can see it directly on the official Arow website. Through a secure online payment solution and integrated gift system, Araw believes the number of users joining the ecosystem will continue to increase over time. Combined with the limited number of ARAW tokens, this will also increase the ARAW token value.

So, investing in an ARAW project is one of the best choices to get good returns in the future.

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