Hello friend lovers cryptocurrency, welcome back to Thedailyico.com blog. On this occasion, we will discuss an innovative project with a tremendous investment opportunity, named WPP Energy. WPP Energy is a platform created to help provide the most efficient and affordable clean energy worldwide.

WPP Energy is here to disrupt the $ 750 billion green energy market. This will be realized through partnership, use of advanced technology, affiliation, licensing, and third-party links WPP.

The primary objective of the WPP Energy project is to reduce the cost of green energy globally. The platform will bring together data on electricity production from renewable energy producers worldwide. The data includes the amount of energy available, the type of energy produced, the location and the price of energy. Not only that, but WPP Energy also has its own global energy production surplus that consumers can buy.

The platform comes with three innovative solutions consisting of Cellular Power Station, Power Plant Conversion to HHO, and Home Business HHO. WPP ENERGY created two platforms, namely WPP Exchange Platform and Global Green Energy Platform.

The platform released their utility token based on the ERC-20 protocol, the WPP Token. The WPP Token serves as a means of payment for all energy transactions. WPP ENERGY hosted PreICO to launch the Green Energy Rebate program and develop its two blockchain platforms.

WPP Energy invites you to join this massive value project. The upbeat platform can be a leader in the green energy industry that everyone needs, whether it is now or the future.

How, are you increasingly curious and want to know more about WPP ENERGY? Check out the explanation in the following reviews.

What is WPP Energy?

WPP Energy is a blockchain-based platform that aims to produce 100% of the most efficient green energy worldwide, utilizing powerful, innovative and advanced technologies. The platform is supported by World Power Production Energy Corporation, which has been a leader in the global renewable energy industry since 2009. WPP is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and headed by a reliable president. Rafael Ben. She is a guest speaker and lecturer at International Green Energy Summits, with 30 years of experience in the green energy sector.

WPP has signed a renewable energy production contract and a 35-year private purchase agreement with governments around the world. The WPP green energy project is worth more than $ 50 billion. Currently, WPP is focusing on a $ 6 billion project that begins in December 2018.

The government contract business already signed by WPP will undoubtedly continue to grow over time and include PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). It produces electricity from MSW (Municipal Wastes) and can be used by the local market.

Also, WPP will also announce the creation of future green villages and towns that can accommodate up to 200,000 people. This development only takes two years and creates a vertical agricultural greenhouse.

Solutions provided by WPP Energy

  • Power Plant Conversion to HHO

Through the use of WPP HHO Advanced Technologies, the platform will transform the polluting power producer into a cheap and efficient green energy producer. WPP has a business plan that includes conversions to help clean up the HHO energy of 20,000+ Oil, Coal, Gasoline Power Plant and Natural Gas that pollute the world. WPP offers innovative solutions to clean energy industry today while reducing operating costs and increasing power plant efficiency.

  • Mobile Power Station

Mobile Power Station

The next answer provided by the platform is WPP Energy Mobile Power Station. It is a stand-alone power station and requires only a water connection. It can produce 1 – 2.5 MW 100% green energy per hour, without causing pollution.

The 1 MW per hour option generates power for 700 crypto mining engines, while the 2.5 per hour option can make electricity of up to 1750 machines. How, very sophisticated is not it?

WPP Mobile Power Station can operate and ship to all corners of the world. Shipping can use Trucks, Training, Air, and Sea. Once arrived at the destination location, this Power Station can be directly applied and start generating green energy. Users do not need the complicated assembly of internal power plants.

High-tech fingerprint door lock has also been installed in Mobile Power Station. This provides a guarantee that there will be no disruption of unauthorized personnel. In operation, it will not cause noise and offer 75% lower cost than other traditional resources.

  • HHO Home Energy Supply

It was created to help consumers to enjoy independent, more efficient, clean, and very cheap independent resources. Home Solutions HHO is a clean energy source that will convert water into electrical energy. Thus, consumers can deprive the supply providers of energy that offer exorbitant prices.

Ultimately, platform-developed solutions will demonstrate WPP’s market leadership in solving major energy crisis problems through the use of existing and proven technologies. It will help provide sufficient energy supply to the countries of the world.

Green energy solutions that are free from emissions and air pollution that pollute the world will begin in 2018 in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Germany.

WPP provides clean and cheap power solutions to all walks of life, from the housing, schools, shopping malls, cryptocurrency mining and so on. The projected demand for clean energy solutions for WPP is sure to increase significantly in the coming years. Moreover, the existence of cryptocurrency mining that requires a significant energy source, low cost, and zero carbon footprint.

Two Platforms Invented by WPP

  • Global Green Energy Platform

This is a blockchain platform that brings together green energy producers and consumers around the world. All consumers, both institutions, and companies can buy electrical energy at wholesale prices. The price is undoubtedly lower when compared with traditional sources. WPP’s global green energy platform was launched at the end of Q3 2018.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

WPP Exchange Platform is a trade exchange that combines 20+ crypto energy and other significant cryptocurrencies. This will help increase liquidity for participating cryptoes within the platform, enabling them to trade with each other.

This will offer a low exchange cost and the addition of new cryptocurrency along with the growth of the platform. The plan, WPP Exchange Platform launched in Q4 2018.

 WPP Green Energy Rebate Program

WPP invites everyone to join the green energy rebate program that offers exciting rewards. He or she will give refunds or coins on daily purchases of WPP sponsors/product partners and products that want to be Green.

Not only that, anyone who joins the program can also receive member price discounts on services or products from online and traditional retailers, major brand companies, and WPP Energy.

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Later, the platform will also launch the WPP mobile app and crypto card under development. This card can be used to receive rewards from green energy rebate programs, daily purchases, and so forth.

Pre-ICO and ICO Token WPP

Pre-ICO WPP tokens commenced on 15 July – 15 September 2018. Meanwhile, ICO WPP tokens started on September 22 – December 22, 2018. 1 ETH worth 2,700 WPP tokens. Platform accepts purchase of WPP tokens using Ethereum.

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