Welcome back to Thedailyico.com blog for you all cryptocurrency investors. This time the admin will review a blockchain-based project that is unique and ambitious named CGCX or Calfin Global Crypto Exchange. CGCX wants to be a global leader for blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange solutions. Its primary focus is the safety and financial benefits of all its users.

CGCX is present in the world of blockchain by bringing different concepts from other exchange platforms. CGCX aims to unify the various transactional aspects of the cryptocurrency world. Therefore, CGCX brings together four main modules under a single, user-friendly platform. CGCX has Cryptocurrency Exchange, ICO listings, Merchant Solutions, and Smart Contracts.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange creates an ERC-20 standard utility token, Token CGCX. CGCX tokens serve as the primary currency and are required by users to take advantage of all the features available on the platform. ICO token CGCX is organized as a fundraising event to develop the project.

Find out more about the Calfin Global Crypto Exchange platform and the functions of the CGCX token in the following brief discussion.

What is Calfin Global Crypto Exchange

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Calfin Global Crypto Exchange or CGCX is Singapore’s first hybrid crypto platform that is sophisticated and entirely different from most other exchanges. CGCX comes with a unique and straightforward multi UI, making it easier for users to interact on the platform. CGCX offers a more comprehensive and comprehensive service to all users, consisting of casual users, day traders, and professional traders.

CGCX is an all-in-one exchange platform that brings together all aspects of transactional. In CGCX users can sell and buy various types of cryptocurrency more easily, transparently, and cost competitive. CGCX gives its users a multi-wallet that can be used to store Ethereum, Bitcoin, and another crypto.

CGCX understands the users’ need for the stability and security of their digital assets. Therefore, CGCX crypto trading can hold more than 1 million orders per second simultaneously. In the security sector, all crypto stored in the CGCX wallet will be given insurance from hacking and cyber attacks.

Team members have already developed the CGCX mobile app available for Android and iOS. Through the CGCX mobile app, users can trade crypto more easily anywhere.

The following are the four CGCX modules that extend to users:
  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange

Currently, a beta version of the CGCX exchange is available. It will facilitate a dynamic order book, match logic, exchange adapter, auto market creation, and match machine. Users can trade various cryptocurrency assets for 24 hours 7 full days. The new cryptocurrency will continue to be added to the CGCX exchange, which is based on the user’s most significant interest.

The platform will hold a monthly vote to select a new cryptocurrency that will be listing into CGCX. It was spearheaded by an external audit firm and CGCX cryptocurrency expert team.

CGCX will also cooperate with leading crypto exchange to improve synergy.

  1. Merchant Solutions

CGCX merchant solutions provide resources and tools that work to make it easy for regular merchants. It consists of the KYC protocol, the analytics for formulating essential trading services, and currency conversion.

By merely installing the CGCX Point-of-Sale application or payment gateway, vendors or online merchants can already accept payments using BTC, CGX, and ETH in minutes.

CGX merchant solutions will benefit online merchants for a broader range and lower transaction costs.

  1. ICO listings

Every month CGCX team members will issue pool ICOs. Users can participate to select the coins on the list. Before adding, the team conducts KYC and Legal checks first.

Available information can be exploited by users to select potential projects and leave fraudulent schemes.

  1. Smarts Contracts

CGCX offers smart contracts that facilitate the digitization of certain types of assets and agreement making. For example, trade agreements or bank instruments. On this platform, the user can make trade agreements safely, transparently and automatically. So it will be more time-efficient and low cost.


Here are some functions of the CGCX token:

Payment instrument of the transaction in CGCX exchange

The first function of the CGCX token is as a means of payment for crypto trading on the exchange. When using CGCX tokens, users will receive a discount of up to 50% of transaction costs.

– Payment mode for merchants

The CGCX token is the only means of payment accepted by the platform merchant partner. Users can use it to make payments on various services and products provided, of course with exclusive discounts.

– Voting ICO

For users who want to opt-in choose a token to enroll on a platform, it must have a CGCX token. The platform plans to use 50% of tokens received in voting fees to build further insurance against cyber attacks.

– Smart contract

CGCX tokens are useful for users to create escrow, pay transactional costs, and settlement for Smart Contracts.

The CGCX Token is a standard token of ERC-20 that supports all types of Ethereum wallets and can be transferred on the Ethereum platform for free. The platform maintains a total volume of CGCX token publishing of 2 billion.

The ICO token CGCX is held from 1 June to 30 July 2018. 1 Ethereum is worth up to 8,500 CGCX tokens. The platform accepts token purchases using BTC and ETH, with a minimum investment of 100 USD.

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