Hello all cryptocurrency lovers, admin blog Thedailyico.com again greets you with a discussion about a project that is quite interesting and has real potential. A blockchain-based innovative project that we will discuss this time is Subaj Global Network. This platform was created to solve the various problems that exist in the current loyalty or reward system.

Subaj comes up with innovative solutions that leverage traders and buyers around the world. To provide the best service to its users, Subaj is supported by various advanced technologies today, such as Social Gamification, GeoDrop Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality.

Interestingly, this platform has a SUBAJ Charity Foundation which aims to reduce poverty and help underprivileged children in the world. The Subaj platform released the ERC-20 tokens called SBJ Token. SBJ Token serves to reward customers and payment instruments in the Subaj ecosystem. The Platform organizes ICO SBJ tokens to fund the development of Subaj.com. Find out more about the platforms in the discussion below.

Problems Subaj wants to solve

The background of creating Subaj’s platform is that there are still many shortcomings in the current rewards or loyalty system. So far, loyalty points provided by businesses and traders to consumers are even less valuable and do not give a significant advantage. Good profits to consumers or to the trader itself.

Also, the current loyalty system also does not offer transparency between merchants and consumers. Communication between them is also terrible. Merchants are still very limited due to lack of support and no mobile strategy to attract new customers. Faced with the problems above, then created Subaj platform.

What is the Subaj platform?

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Subaj Global Network is the world’s first shopping and prize platform based on the blockchain. Subaj creates a global blockchain ecosystem dedicated to serving online, or offline sharing, promotional and payment programs using cell-based methods. Also, Subaj also provides a large decentralized market that enables all service providers, industrial conglomerates, traders, businesses, and retailers to participate and benefit.

Major business entities can join the Subaj ecosystem, such as travel agents, event organizers, city tourism, Universities, fast food restaurants, and much more.

Subaj also presents an Exchange Platform SBJ which is useful for cryptocurrency exchange. In SUBAJ Exchange Platform (SXP) will be available a variety of cryptocurrency that can be traded by the user.

Subaj Global Network has an advanced blockchain-based loyalty infrastructure that allows all businesses and merchants to launch their crypto tokens. The business token will be given to the consumer as a reward in the loyalty program. Business tokens created by merchants, organizations, retailers, and companies will be registered on the SBJ Exchange Platform. So that business token can be accessed by all people.

Any prize of cryptocurrency received by the customer may be redeemed to SBJ tokens or another business token. Vice versa, the user can also exchange fiat currency, and the first cryptocurrency is SBJ token or cryptocurrency of a business.

Subaj Solutions

– Geodrop technology that allows instant customer engagement

– Real-time communication facilities between buyers and merchants

– Traders have the opportunity to gain active support from the global community

– Create a transparent system that will facilitate customers and merchants to interact and communicate

– Instant access to lots of discounts, offers, and loyalty programs

The primary objective of the Subaj project is to provide a new shopping experience to all customers around the world. This is achieved by presenting a sophisticated and unique gift sharing methodology to consumers.

The Subaj platform is supported by many innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality, GeoDrop Technology, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Social Gamification. There are so many advantages that Subaj gives to sellers and customers.

Subaj is a unique platform and different from others because it has GeoDrop and Augmented Reality technology. This technology will help merchants target customers who are physically close to their business and potentially buy the products they offer. Under these circumstances, Subaj will see the previous shopping behavior to each customer. On the other hand, customers will only get offers from merchants or businesses that interest and are needed.

Key Benefits Provided by Subaj

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Global Network

An extensive network of retail stores, merchants, and companies from around the world


Get discounts, gift vouchers, and various exciting offers from merchants near you

Flexible Rewards System

Subaj offers flexible reward system to customers using SBJ token

Communication In Real Time

Merchants can communicate with customers in real time

Global acceptance

SBJ tokens can be traded in various crypto exchanges in the world so that you can swap them into other fiat or cryptocurrencies

Pokemon Go Concept

Customers can view the multiple rewards and discount programs that traders offer, as they travel through specific locations

SUBAJ Charity Foundation

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This is a foundation created to reduce poverty and help underprivileged children. The platform wants to build a world free of inequality, racism, sexism, and discrimination. Subaj also aims to raise awareness of many people to take humanitarian projects, improve existing medical facilities in rural areas, and provide a much better education for children.

Each cryptocurrency and SBJ token used in the Subaj ecosystem will provide a small token for donation to the SUBAJ Charity Foundation.


Subaj organizes ICO SBJ token on August 2nd – September 30th, 2018. 1 SBJ token sells for 0,05 USD. The Platform accepts SBJ token purchases using LTC, BTC, and ETH, with a minimum investment of 1,500 SBJ.

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