Hello all cryptocurrency lovers, welcome back to Thedailyico.com blog. On this exciting occasion, we will discuss a unique project called Online.io. A little bit about this project, Online.io’s primary goal is to revolutionize the browsing experience of all internet users to be more fun.

Online.io released the token standard with ERC-20 called Token OIO. OIO tokens can be utilized by website operators and users to generate ICE Tokens, by storing them on individual wallets. The ICE Token to be received by holders of the OIO Token is similar to dividends or share an interest.

The platform organizes ICO tokens OIO to raise funds to be used to fund project development. OIO tokens will be traded on the exchange so that they can be converted into other cryptocurrency assets or fiat. For you cryptocurrency investors, consider the following articles carefully as consideration for investing in the platform.

Problems to solve by Online.io

In today’s modern era, most people must be using the internet in their daily lives. According to statistics in 2016, about 46% of people in the world have access to the internet; this number is equivalent to 3.5 billion people. The name is growing very rapidly and undoubtedly will continue to grow in line with the expansion of smartphone adoption and internet connectivity higher.

Maybe you are one of the internet users who like browsing to find some information. If true, surely you are familiar with the name of the website. The website is a source of information available on the internet and plays a vital role for users. However, unfortunately, the site is often filled with annoying ads. They think if you are in need of goods offered, but in fact, you do not necessarily need it. Make browsing experience less fun.

Worse yet, if a website has pop-up ads. This type of ad is more annoying because it will redirect you to another page and you are forced to close the browser. In this case, you get no information, just wasting time and bandwidth only.

The digital advertising industry is one of the sectors that helped develop along with the development of the internet. In the coming years, this industry is believed to be growing.

Not just about annoying and annoying ads, when visiting a website you also can not know the security. Is the website free of malicious malware, scammy ads, and mining scripts? Lately, a site also features tracking scripts. The tracking script serves to keep track of all your activities.

Tracking scripts can track shopping events, interests, attributes, frequently visited places, and more. Is not this a violation of user privacy ?. On the other hand, the user can not access the data collected and correct if there is invalid data.

The development of internet users are overgrowing not only have the potential to develop the digital advertising industry but on the other hand, the potential for cyber attacks is also higher.

In 2017 yesterday, a data showing the number of adults in 20 countries affected by cyber attacks reached 978 million more. The value of the offense is estimated at more than USD 170 billion. The question is, do you as an internet user is safe from cyber attacks?

Responding to various problems experienced by current internet users, then established platform Online.io. It will create a better Internet ecosystem than ever before. Not only help internet users, but Online.io also opens opportunities for all website operators to be able to monetize their content in different ways. Check out the explanation in the following article.

What is Online.io?

Platform to revolution internet

Online.io is a blockchain-based innovative platform that wants to revolutionize the browsing experience of Internet users to be faster, ad-free, no malicious malware, no tracking, and completely secure. Online.io will put user privacy as a top priority. On the other hand, website operators can still monetize their content even without ads.

To ensure the security and protect personal data of users, Online.io uses ad blocking and anti-malware scripts. Also, the platform has also implemented a tracking barrier script that works to prevent tracking every user action in real time. This innovative solution will completely transform the internet entirely.

Online.io will utilize a highly scalable, fully accountable, and transparent blockchain technology to ensure all website operators receive a fair financial income. Rather than relying on advertising, the amount of revenue collected by the website operator depends on the user interaction, the number of visitors, and the time spent by the users on their website.

Any website registered in Online.io will receive revenue in the form of an ICE Token. These tokens can be sold on the exchange or used to buy goods in particular traders that are “built-in”. Meanwhile, the end user gets a TST Token that is used to assess the quality of a website.

By implementing this system, Online.io will improve the end user experience and website operators. This ultimately drives the internet ecosystem controlled by high-quality websites rather than being inspired by spammy sites.

Features offered by Online.io

–    Applications

The platform has a mobile app that doubles as an ad blocker, wallet, anti-malware script, and a tracking blocker. Also, Online.io will enhance your browsing experience by including battery life and performance boosters.

–    Browser extensions on all devices

Online.io extensions will be available in major mobile browsers and desktop. This extension contains blocking tracking script, ad blocking, malware blocking, and web wallet. Online.io will also integrate the voting system to help manage the internet.

–    Wallet

The Online.io wallet is available for all major mobile browsers and desktop

– Marketplace

Online.io allows users to find all the places that will enable them to buy with an internal merchant system. The market will also contain detailed information on how other merchants can easily integrate the platform merchant system.

– Merchant Module / API

This allows the merchant to accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency

– Based in Blockchain Ethereum

Online.io offers innovative solutions powered by an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum platform. This ensures accountability and transparency so that all transactions can be seen in public Blockchain.

Benefits provided by Online.io

For end users:

–    Ad-free

This platform helps users get a fun browsing experience, as they no longer see ads on annoying websites.

–    Private

No more tracking techniques that monitor every user action. This will protect the user’s privacy completely. Internet users no longer have to worry about the security of their sensitive information such as health and financial records.

– Safety is assured

Online.io improves the security of all website websites by eliminating dangerous malware and scammy ads. Users will be adequately secured from the increasingly violent virus attacks.

–    Can be trusted

The platform will encourage the creation of a real website community because the user can determine the quality of a website he visited. The more users who give good ratings, the higher the ranking of a website. With this system, will provide the best website reference to users who are in need of information.

–    Browsing faster

With the removal of annoying ads on the website, users will enjoy a faster browsing experience.

For website operators:

– Opportunities for new revenue models

– More bandwidth savings and load time

– Improved quality of website pages


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Platform Online.io organizes ICO Token OIO on July 10 – July 31, 2018. 1 OIO token sells for 0.04 USD. Platforms accept only OIO tokens purchases with BTC, ETH, and LTC.

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