Hello investor crypto, welcome back to Thedailyico.com blog. On this occasion, we will review a new blockchain-based project, called FLOGmall. This is an innovative project in the e-commerce industry, which aims to bring together buyers and sellers from around the world.

FLOGmall is here to provide an unprecedented experience to everyone in shopping and selling goods. This platform will help make it easier for users to sell and purchase a variety of products and services using their favorite cryptocurrency.

FLOGmall created a new revolutionary movement for altcoin because in this platform many sellers receive hundreds of altcoins as a means of payment for goods and services. Of course, this will be an innovative solution for all crypto holders.

Not much different from other blockchain-based platforms, the platform also released its token called Token MLC. MLC token can be used as one of payment method, with other advantages such as cashback and special discount. FLOGmall organizes ICO as a fundraising event to realize this unique and innovative project.

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Problems That Want to Solve By FLOGmall

Cryptocurrency industry that continues to grow over time unceasingly presents a variety of new altcoin since the last year 2011. Every day, you’ll hear there are many new ICOs from blockchain-based projects that offer innovative and revolutionary solutions to solve specific problems. All altcoins created by these projects serve as decentralized payments.

However, unfortunately, today we can see hundreds of failed altcoin which can be said as a dead asset that is not valuable. Most of the altcoins have no token realizations, low trading volumes, and have no profit.

Also, spending or spending cryptocurrency in its original form is very difficult. During this time the owners of cryptocurrency must exchange their assets first in fiat currency through financial institutions when want to buy certain goods or services. This, of course, deviates from the basic idea of cryptocurrency as a decentralized means of payment fails. It could be said if the cryptocurrency function has failed.

Most cryptocurrency holders know only the function of their assets as a “speculation” tool. The right to use cryptocurrency is also limited to traders, investors, and miners. Ordinary people still cannot use cryptocurrency to be converted into real goods in everyday life.

With the background of the problem, the FLOGmall platform was created to restore cryptocurrency function as a universally accepted decentralized payment tool. The platform creates a new crypto holder layer, which always uses cryptocurrency to sell and buy goods or services. FLOGmall wants to provide value for hundreds of dead altcoins from failed ICOs.

What is FLOGMall?

e-commerce global on blockchain FLOGmall

FLOGmall is a blockchain based e-commerce platform created to facilitate the sale and purchase transactions of people all over the world using cryptocurrency. In FLOGmall, the users can spend his cryptocurrency to buy millions of products and services every day. FLOGmall uses smart contract assistance to ensure secure transactions between sellers and buyers. Thus, consumers can shop on the platform with a sense of comfort and calm.

FLOGmall will be a new ecosystem that brings buyers together with sellers or service providers globally in one place. FLOGmall offers a simple website interface, making it easy for users to understand.

FLOGmall is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that accepts payments using hundreds of options of altcoin. This is a smart solution created for all cryptocurrency holders, so they can immediately spend their assets, without having to wait for months until their crypto is traded on the exchange platform.

This platform will make cryptocurrency work properly, i.e., as a decentralized, commission-free, and universally accepted payment instrument. When wanting to spend cryptocurrency, users do not need to convert it into fiat money first.

Millions of products available at FLOGmall consist of electronic goods, clothing, home furnishings, games, books, and so on. Also, on this platform, you can too easy to rent a car, rent an apartment, make flights to various countries, and some other exciting services.

FLOGmall allows consumers to buy all the items they need, without having to wait in line long and make the complicated payment process. Get products and services quickly, pay with your favorite cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, FLOGmall helps merchants to reach more consumers from all over the world and take a broader approach. This can be realized with the presence of features “LiveStores.” FLOGmall can be used by users to get cryptocurrency, by selling used goods that are not used anymore. FLOGmall offers “free classifieds” to promote the items you want to sell.

FLOGmall helps merchants save their money since there is no need to spend some money on marketing costs. On this platform, merchants can reach more consumers with a complete marketing program available for free. In the end, they can offer lower product prices to consumers. What’s more, FLOGmall takes a unique approach by eliminating retail and wholesale intermediation.

All stores in FLOGmall can create videos for every product or service they offer. Thus, consumers in the other hemisphere can see your product in detail and depth. As we know, in the year 2018 this is not enough to describe the product using writing, because this is the era of sales in real time. Your potential customers are more interested in a product’s video.

Thanks to the presence of FLOGmall, people in Asia can offer their goods or services to Europeans. Both can transact safely, using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Sell and buy the products you want, forget the commissions for banks and payment systems.

FLOGmall creates ATES explicitly designed for investors. ATES is an automated service that facilitates the exchange of Mallcoin tokens (MLC) between previous holders and platform users. This will guarantee income after the project launch.

Here are some of the facilities provided by FLOGmall

For buyers:

– Access to millions of service offerings and goods from around the world, then pay with cryptocurrency

– Payment with many options altcoin, so it can determine its own

– Special discount and cashback if pay with MLC token

– Feedback of every genuine and honest guaranteed trader

– A unique and exciting shopping experience, with a live store presence

– Secure transactions, with the help of smart contracts

– Exchange for fast-moving consumer goods and services

For sellers:

– Free from commission payment system and bank, so it is more efficient

– Access to various types of products worldwide

– A more extensive range of consumers, the holders of crypto from around the world

– Store your video on the platform

– Great open opportunities for promotions utilizing influencers and bloggers

– Start fast from sales

– Equal opportunity for all sellers in the early stages of placement on the FLOGmall platform

– Enjoy free access, with a minimum fee for additional services

For investors:

– Obtain up to 600% discount for ICO participants

– Realization of further tokens with the help of ATES

Potential FLOGmall users

The FLOGmall platform is entering three markets with enormous user volumes, the free classified ads market, the e-commerce market, and the cryptocurrency market. Free classifieds are gaining popularity over time, especially with the popularity of internet users and mobile phones. Thanks to the ability of free classifieds sites bring together buyers and sellers from different regions of the city, country, and world, the number of users continues to increase and is included in the daily lives of ordinary citizens.

By 2017, the global e-commerce market volume is worth $ 1.55 trillion, with an annual growth of 25.5%. The e-commerce market is predicted to continue to increase; analysts predict global market volume rose to $ 2.3 trillion by 2019.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency industry is one of the most developed markets in the world. Based on data from the coinmarketcap.com site, the total capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market on December 13, 2017, is over $ 492 billion. From the above data, we can conclude if there is a massive opportunity for FLOGmall to grow significantly in the future.

The team behind FLOGmall platform

Team FLOGmall

FLOGmall has 20 members of the project team and ten advisory boards. Aleksey Khayrutdinov is the founder and CEO of this platform. Aleksey Khayrutdinov is an Entrepreneur, founder of Topzakazz online store, Topzakazz.biz fulfillment service and founder of the FLOGmall project. He also serves as Co-owner of Cargo in China who makes deliveries to CIS. Speaker at a conference on commodity business in Russia.

Other team members are great figures of various skills, such as internet marketers, co-owners of construction and manufacturing companies, PHP programmers, and so on. Please visit flogmall.com’s official website to see the complete information of each member.

ICO Token MLC:

For those of you who are interested in the FLOGmall project, investing in ICO is the best option. ICO token MLC is held on March 26 – July 20, 2018. 1 ETH is worth 3000 MLC tokens. The Platform accepts the purchase of an MLC token using KICK, BTC, and ETH, with a minimum investment of USD 200.

Partners and media:

The FLOGmall project has many partners like CRYPTORG, Connectius, KREDOV, VERGE, CLOAK, AdEx, SILICON VALLEY, and others. Meanwhile, FLOGmall has been loaded in several major media such as Coinspeaker, NEWSBTC, Bitcoin Garden, CCN, CoinJournal, and so on.

Social Network Account:

FLOGmall is a very open platform and always ready to talk, listen to criticism, and consider your suggestions every day. Meet them in some of the following social media:

Conclusion ICO FLOGmall

FLOGmall is an innovative project and has excellent opportunities for success in the future. The platform provides a unique solution to all cryptocurrency owners worldwide. FLOGmall makes it easy for everyone to sell and buy goods or services with hundreds of options of altcoin as a method of payment.

FLOGmall is not a startup, but a company that already exists and proved successful. This provides more security for your investment. The informative and simple website, the easy-to-understand and complete whitepaper, the ever-active social media account proves the team’s seriousness in building FLOGmall. Alpha version of FLOGmall platform is available, please go to the official website

Website – Whitepaper –  Announcement

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