Elysian is a platform that wants to revolutionize the e-commerce industry today drastically, utilizing several advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Contracting, Virtual Reality, Atom Exchange, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. Elysian plans to connect two significant industries into one platform, the multi-billion dollar global cryptocurrency market and the multi-trillion dollar e-commerce industry.

The team members behind the Elysian are cryptocurrency experts and e-commerce specialists who are ready to create a multi-million dollar success platform. Thanks to the integration of blockchain technology, Elysian can offer innovative features that make it superior to its competitors’ platforms. The hope of team members in the future is Elysian to be the center of the new e-commerce model.

Elysian is a decentralized platform that helps businesses create e-commerce websites in the blockchain while serving their consumer demographic targets. The Elysian platform improves security and efficiency across all e-commerce transactions. Elysian builds a firm trust in businesses and consumers, to drive better e-commerce development. This is achieved by implementing some critical aspects such as identity theft protection, secure customer data storage, and faster delivery.

The primary focus of the Elysian platform is to create the best solution for solving security problems in today’s e-commerce industry. Also, Elysian will also provide a better user experience and improve the shortcomings that exist in the e-commerce industry.

Elysian is here to turn E-commerce’s standard business model into a more innovative system. This platform improves the security of much better data storage, utilizing the Proof-of-Authority algorithm to store secure user data through a distributed network. Data such as phone numbers, credit/debit card numbers, SIM numbers, bank account numbers, and user addresses will be stored in the blockchain.

This platform has an e-commerce sales protocol. All transactions that occur on the Elysian platform will be verified using a smart contract. Thus, it can prevent manipulation actions, breaches of security, and increases the credibility of the company in the eyes of users. Users will be charged 1% each time you make a transaction. Elysian offers high scalability; it covers various aspects of technology and business. The platform can attract a wide range of companies in e-commerce.

Not enough to stay there, to support the future of e-commerce industry in the future, Elysian implements two great features, namely Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is utilized by the platform to present ease when operating it. It enables users to customize and navigate websites actively. Thanks to its simplicity, this platform is easy to use even novice users.

Elysian brings Virtual Reality Store to provide an unprecedented user experience. Users can shop from home, with a level of engagement like buying items in real-world stores instantly. This will increase the efficiency and customer satisfaction, by utilizing VR technology and newly owned Elysian.

The last feature that is not less interesting is the Atomic Swaps. This feature allows users to switch tokens back and forth, so they can pay for transactions using the desired crypto. In addition to increased comfort, Atomic Swaps feature also serves to avoid high costs, such as Bitcoin.

Elysian released the standard ERC-20 utility tokens that are the ELY Token. 1 ELY token sells for 0.12 USD during ICO. ICO is commencing June 18 and ending July 8, 2018. The Platform accepts ELY token purchases using Ethereum.

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