BitScreener is a platform that provides information on the most accurate and relevant financial market situation, with over 100,000 stocks and 2,000 cryptocurrencies in real-time. The platform creates a single ecosystem that combines all analytical information about cryptocurrency and stocks, which helps facilitate investors to analyze their investment capital.

With BitScreener, all traders, investors, and experts can maneuver faster in the financial world. The BitScreener platform also develops a reward system for every valid and valuable content. The hope is to encourage the creation of more quality content from specialists.

BitScreener has a large international team tasked with releasing information about financial markets and the country. The team consists of analysts, engineers, and financial market specialists. To keep the platform alive and growing, information on stocks and cryptocurrency is continually being updated. The published data will be explained in detail.

BitScreener is a unique project that wants to eliminate low-quality content on financial market information and replace it with more accurate and valid information. Whether it’s about stocks or cryptocurrency. The situation that happens to this day can be quite detrimental to investors and traders because a lot of misinformation, unverifiable bias, and even worse the user can not track the author or the source of his publication.

Information is undoubtedly detrimental because most investors and novice traders will take decisions quickly according to the contents of the articles read. Once reading the article that invites to buy shares or particular crypto, without thinking first they immediately buy it. Though not necessarily this information is accurate and can be trusted, no wonder if that happened just the opposite. Instead of bringing in profits, crypto and stock prices dropped dramatically, resulting in losses.

To help investors and traders out of this adverse situation, BitScreener was created. BitScreener is a favorite cryptocurrency analysis app, with a total of 1.2 million users. BitScreener first appeared in early 2017, which can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play. It is the first decentralized ecosystem for financial data and content, integrated with blockchain technology.

Interestingly again, BitScreener came in as one of 5 crypto applications that proliferated in the market. It is the best stock and cryptocurrency tracking platform, which will help investors and traders review their investment capital. BitScreener acts as a single tracking and analysis platform that combines stock space and cryptocurrency. Here investors and traders can evaluate over 2,000 crypto and 100,000 shares in all domains in a seamless way.

Here are the core features offered by BitScreener:

– Harvest live data from 100 more exchanges

– Warning system tailored to trade volume changes, coin prices, performance, and cap changes, on mobile devices in real-time

– Track over 5500 cryptocurrency trading pairs

– Advanced graphics with technical analysis

– Filtering tools that support hundreds of filtering criteria

BitScreener offers traders the convenience to manage their investment portfolios, either in stock or cryptocurrency. With the help of real-time BitScreener graphics, users will find it easy to see their trading advantages and disadvantages in the market. As a content ecosystem, BitScreener provides information from various stock markets and cryptocurrency. It’s helpful to find the best time to sell and buy assets.

For engineers and financial professionals, BitScreener becomes a financial data market to monetize their investment expertise. To support authors creating new content, visualization tools like graphics, news, tables, and more. The blockchain incentive mechanism is utilized by BittScreener to drive the quality of content and user engagement.

The public can take advantage of BitScreener application to get information directly from engineers and professionals in the field of finance. So it can help them improve the performance of their investment assets.

BitScreener released its token tokens called Token BITX or Token BitScreener. This token serves to subscribe to premium BittScreener applications. ICO token BITX starts on May 19 and ends July 4, 2018. The price of 1 BITX is 0.00018 ETH. The Platform accepts BITX token purchases using ETH, with a minimum investment of 0.2 ETH.

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