Zuflo.io is a revolutionary Trading and Finance platform designed specifically for the industrial era 4.0. The Zuflo platform is integrated into Sidechain / Blockchain technology, supported by AI Tools, Proof of Business Identity Sidechains, and FX Integration. Zuflo is here to solve a series of problems that exist in the current trading and financing system.

Zuflo offers new trading and banking features, allowing more transparency and control in handling both operations. The mission of Zuflo is to create a system that is easy for everyone to use to finance and trade, integrated on Sidechain / Blockchain-based platforms, where the user needs come first.

Zuflo.io utilizes the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management tool that allows platform users to reduce errors, improve efficiency, direct processing without intermediaries, and time savings.

First of all, Zuflo wants to improve the trading system that has been considered less user-friendly. Many people are worried about the security of funds and find it challenging to spend his cryptocurrency. They should visit three websites to perform simple operations, ranging from organizing the wallet, then making an exchange and can contribute on cryptocurrency assets. Not only that, the process of receiving and sending digital money is still quite complicated.

Furthermore, Zuflo wants to improve the current funding and banking system. The problem we can see is that millions of people in different parts of the world still have limited access to banking services, so they are forced to choose lines of credit from informal channels that charge 4,000% annual interest. Digital transformation also lags behind for SME Financing. Small and medium-sized businesses are still struggling to get short-term funding.

Small businesses are faced with many problems in seeking capital, even though there is already a newage online lending platform. A credible survey mentions that 23% of borrowers do not know the reason why their application is rejected, and another 45% are denied more than once. On the other hand, digital asset holders have limited liquidity options in the cash-based digital economy today.

To overcome the above problems, a revolutionary trading and financial platform based on the blockchain, Zuflo was created. Zuflo is supported by the best technology and artificial intelligence to provide the best experience to all users while enjoying trading and financial services on the platform. Zuflo will reduce the number of opponents to reduce the number of costs associated with trading.

Here are some trade solutions offered by Zuflo.io:

– Disintermediation

– Safe Wallet Integration FIAT & Cryptocurrency Exchange

– Provides convenience to the user to enter the cryptocurrency trade.

– Trade-on-the-Go function

– FIAT & Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration

– Features of Contemporary Trade (DEX, Spot, Margin Futures, etc.

Also, Zuflo is present as an innovation in the financing industry. Through intelligent contracting technologies Ethereums and blockchain, this platform creates a financing ecosystem that is easily accessible for SMEs and fully transparent. Zuflo offers both conventional and digital asset options to its users. Digital assets can be used as collateral by business actors to get cash loans.

Interestingly again, users who do not have digital assets can also get loans on the Zuflo platform. For investors, they can lend cash to applicants for assets or without assets; this deal will be arranged in a smart contract. The platform provides win-win solutions to investors and business people who are in need of capital.

Compared to traditional funding providers, Zuflo offers higher operational efficiency, easier auditability, and lower borrowing costs. To empower each loan applicant, Zuflo.io uses a block-based digital identity. All platform users can build their credit profile and economic history, though not visible to the inheritance banking system though. The platform facilitates its users to develop their own “economic passport.”

The Zuflo platform has a fully transparent credit scoring system, where every investor can check the health status of the loans they spend. The borrower’s loan portfolio is recorded in blockchain which is, and the platform will protect the privacy of valuable user data. All transactions history and operating loan performance will be published in the blockchain. Zuflo insured all loans to protect lenders and interest on investment loans.

Blockchain assets owned by users can be exchanged, shared, and can also be instantly transferred. Zuflo wants to create new ways to monetize blockchain assets that continue to expand. The platform also provides other attractive services such as conventional banking and investment features (progressive ICO, Crypto-funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and others).

Zuflo creates a token standard of ERC-20 called the ZFL Token. ICO token Zuflo held on May 1 – May 30, 2018. 1 ZFL token sells for 0.36 USD. Platform accepts purchases using BTC, ETH, and BCH.

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