Investinbrokers is a copy-trading social platform created to provide win-win solutions to novice and experienced beginner cryptocurrency traders. Through API services, beginner merchants can copy strategies that are applied by experienced traders in real-time, on the exchange platform of their choice. Investinbrokers will make cryptocurrency trading fun because it is more time-efficient and able to generate maximum profit.

Investinbrokers are designed with a simple and easy-to-use interface; this is combined with a broad social system. Users can follow the most experienced traders with the most experience in crypto trading. Platforms offer users complete control over their funds and private keys. There are many advantages of Investinbrokers and no other copy-trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency that is decentralized and open allows many people to join it. Crypto markets that promise high returns on investment can attract many new investors. However, in fact, trading cryptocurrency is not as simple and as comfortable as imagined, especially for beginners. The crypto market that is open 24/7 is very fluctuating, influenced by the information circulating in various media.

Conditions like this require that every crypto merchant must keep up-to-date news updates, master technical analysis, have the right mindset, sacrifice time to properly research investments, and experience trading crypto. Almost all new traders are forced to lose most of their capital when it first plunges into the crypto market. This is what the Investing platform experienced when it early jumped into the crypto market in 2014.

The current copy-trading platform limits most investors to use it, as it offers very high fees. Most copy-trading platforms also require users to save money in their wallets. This makes the user can not control their funds and at high risk of theft. On the other hand, experienced traders cannot sell their skills to those in need.

Therefore created a copy-trading platform without trust investinbrokers, which provides a win-win solution to novice and experienced traders. Investinbrokers allows beginner traders to gain maximum profit in the cryptocurrency market, even if they lack technical analytics, proper investment management, and trading experience. They can subscribe to experienced traders who are willing to share their strategies.

In the Investinbrokers ecosystem, they can choose which merchants to follow, by looking at their previous performance, investment style, and ranking on the platform. There is no service fee charged by the platform, novice, and experienced traders can get access for free. Both parties are connected through the API, so every purchase and sell order executed by an experienced trader is automatically copied to the beginner’s trader account, in the preferred exchange platform.

Not just copying strategies, beginner traders can also gain valuable knowledge, ask questions, and discuss with experienced traders through the chat feature. Beginners crypto traders around the world can save more time and minimize the risk of loss. Exchange platforms already integrated with Invenstinbrokers are Bittrex, some other favorite exchanges will also be added, such as Poloniex, Bitifinex, GDAX, Binance, and others.

In the security sector, Investinbrokers will not retain user funds. User funds are kept on the exchange platform, which gives full control of their funds and private keys. API only works to open and closed positions, cannot be used to withdraw funds. The platform will also implement IP whitelist security system, text message authentication, and two-factor authentication.

For experienced traders who have a proven track record, the platform helps them to monetize their ideas and strategies. At Investinbrokers, experienced traders can offer paid services by utilizing their skills, to maximize capabilities. Earn money as additional capital in the cryptocurrency market, to get more profits. There is no commission they have to pay; all goes smoothly.

Investinbrokers has a ranking system, reflecting the trust, skill, and level of experienced traders on the platform. The higher their rank, the more chances of getting more customers. Experienced traders can take advantage of chats to share technical analysis and ideas with their customers. This MVP platform is available; you can review to see its performance.

The Investinbrokers platform releases an ERC-20 standard internal currency that serves as the primary payment unit, the INV token. Pre-ICO starts from May 26 and ends on July 15, 2018. The price of 1 INV tokens during pre-ICO is 0.00013, and there is a 30% bonus. ICO token INV is held on August 15th – September 30th, 2018. 1 INV token sells for 0,0002 ETH. Platform accepts INV tokens using ETH and BTC.

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