On.Live is a decentralized online video streaming platform built on blockchain technology with main services in Paid Consulting, Live Broadcast, and Transcoding. The platform was created to revolutionize faster, more accessible, low cost, and high-quality video broadcasting and remote consultation services.

On Live forms a new ecosystem that enables peer to peer transactions between users and content creators who serve as service providers. The creators of the On Live platform are experts and professionals from a wide range of areas of expertise. For example, doctors, teachers, consultants, lawyers, job seekers and so forth.

The On Live platform provides an opportunity for professionals to earn money by becoming a broadcaster based on their expertise, which helps solve the problems of everyone around the world without any geographic boundaries. Through the On Live ecosystem, service providers can broadcast HD quality video in real time, live event schedule, special offers, chats, billing for per minute and cost-per-impression.

On the other hand, On Live provides benefits for end users to get high-quality content that provides solutions or knowledge needed right from the experts. They can meet face-to-face with experts online, without having to leave home. Users only need a computer and internet connection only.

The founder of the On Live platform is Chris Rybka, who has more than 17 years of experience in IT and the telecommunications industry. He has also served as a supervisory board or board of directors in over 30 different companies, both nationally and internationally. With Chris, there is Anna Rybka-Krysiak who served as co-founder and Daniel Bayer as CEO. There are still nine other members of the team with various skills and two members of the advisory team. Please visit On.Live to see more details of team members’ profiles.

On.Live is entering a potentially global digital broadcasting, broadcasting and live streaming marketplace for platform growth. The global broadcasting and live streaming market successfully made transactions worth $ 30.9 Million in 2015 yesterday. This figure is expected to continue to soar, reaching $ 124 Million in 2024 later.

Furthermore, global digital consultations managed to break the $ 24 million figure which means 2x more than the UK consulting industry. So far, consulting services to experts are the top choices many people need when they’re having a problem or are in need of advice. Unfortunately, consulting services are identical with expensive and complicated costs that make people reluctant to do so.

That’s why On.Live will provide a solution to this problem. It will offer an online personal consultation service in real time directly from its accessible, low-cost, and high-quality experts. Users who want to offer live services, then have to create a channel first on the platform. They will earn money when there are viewers who access their services. Everyone can join in the On Live system, provided that it has bandwidth and processing power.

Here are more details about the three primary services available on the platform:

  1. Live Consultation Service, As mentioned above, this will provide an opportunity for professionals to sell their services to everyone in need. This service will be broadcasted in real-time HD quality complete with special offers, billing, and chat.
  1. Transcoding, On.Live also offers a decentralized Transcoding service. You can confirm transactions and transmit streaming video on the network simultaneously.
  1. Live Broadcast, The Live Broadcast Service is specifically designed to allow users to send broadcasts to viewers with a pay-per-minute or pay-per-view method. This service can be used for e-learning, lokalkarya, and film.

In addition to professionals, companies such as education, medical centers, law firms and large companies such as advertising networks, TV stations, and event companies can also join the ecosystem. Thanks to the advanced B2C and B2B technologies owned by On.Live, it allows use for Practical, TV, Conference, Sports, Charity and other broadcasts.

On.Live will release a utility token based on ERC-20 Ethereum that serves as the only means of payment transactions within the ecosystem, the ONL Token. This ONL Token will support the creation of a new transparent, secure, and decentralized economy on the On.Live video streaming platform.


The total inventory of ONL Tokens is 111,000,000. ICO Token ONL is held from 11 March to 11 April 2018, with 61.050.000 tokens. 1 Token ONL sells for 0,001638 Ethereum, which can be bought only with Ethereum only. All unsold Tokens ONL during Pre-ICO and ICO will be burned to avoid future inflation. Users who purchase an ONL Token for 1-11 days of ICO will get a 20% bonus. While those who joined on 11-22 days of organizing ICO get 11% bonus. Soft cap companies are 14,000 ETH and Hardcap 100,000 Ethereum.

On.Live is developing three major projects consisting of Live Consultation, Transcoding, and Live Broadcasting Services. At least several strong reasons make the platform has more value in the eyes of investors. That is:

  • Developed by a person who has more than 17 years experience in IT and telecommunication, as well as two other professional CEOs
  • Supported by experienced team members in various fields
  • Having a large and growing market share, driving the platform to increase significantly in the future
  • The solution of delivering an easily accessible, more affordable, and high-quality online consulting service is potentially exposing many users to join the ecosystem
  • Some other functions and features, add more value to On.Live

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