Casper is a decentralized platform for data storage services for DApps, built on Ethereal Blockchain technology. The primary purpose of creating the Casper platform is to drive the growth and development of DApps faster, regardless of blockchain technology. Casper offers a faster, more sophisticated, and efficient information storage infrastructure.

Casper APIs can be used to store different types, and sizes of DApps projected on smart contracts from any blockchain. Whether it’s a photo, audio, text, video, and database. 11 great team members developed the Casper API platform. Artem Kolstov is CEO of Casper; he has six years experience in IT management at Legion Digital Company. Legion Digital Company was established in 2011, namely APP Mobile, a complex IT system, and site. Also, Artem Kolstov also serves as Chief Expert Council for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Perlman Negara Rusia.

Furthermore, there is Stanislav Kapulkin who served as CTO in Casper API. Stanislav Kapulkin is a participant and winner of various startup and races in AR and IT field. In 2014, he managed to win the Intel Real Sense Challenge. In 2015, he became the regional Imagine Cup winner. And in 2016, he became a co-organizer of Hackthebrain hackathon. The other team members are Nurlan Tlegnov, who serves as CMO. Nurlan Tlegnov has five years of experience in digital marketing and events, and six years experience working in the primary corporation business namely KaVo Dental. He also serves as a Member of the Expert Council for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the Russian State Parliament. Get more detailed team member information on the official website,

The problem that has been faced by DApps developers is the limitations of database storage space. Not only that, but DApps developers are also faced with some serious issues related to the storage space is relatively expensive, less secure, and the process of data transfer is slow. In the background of this problem, the Casper API was created. Casper API offers cloud data storage services that are cheaper, faster, and safer. Casper API is intended for DApps developers to focus more on delivering the best innovations, without having to think about the data storage space for its users. The platform will support DApps growth significantly.

In an increasingly sophisticated era, the need for data storage services for various information is also getting bigger. Because in the future data is also generated by billions of IT devices. Call it AR or VR, unmanned aircraft, robots, self-propelled cars, and many more. Realizing this phenomenon, Casper API has developed data storage services from the beginning. The assistance will undoubtedly be needed significantly in the future, both for DApps or traditional applications. According to Gartner, in 2020 this market will grow to $ 71 billion. This is one project that has a perfect future.

The Casper platform wants to improve local computer practices with API standards. Casper is supported by many vendors or people who have HDDs and internet channels. They will lease the HDD as data storage space to the DApps developers, and then earn monthly rewards of CST Token. Any incoming user data will be encrypted and stored on multiple devices. The Casper API cloud storage service ensures a lower response time and much higher access levels. Casper API also provides the privacy of each user as well as possible. Only the data owner can access, and the tenant vendor of the storage space cannot see or edit the contents of the data.

The peer-to-peer protocol is one of the mechanisms used by Casper API. This ensures a much higher file transfer rate. Once again, the decentralized platform Casper API offers a cheaper cost for data storage DApps. With some of the advantages it has, Casper API hopes to be an option for individuals, DApps, and companies to store their valuable data.

The Casper API will release a standard ERC-20 Ethereum utility token named Token CST. This token is used for internal transactions; each 1 Token CST represents 1GB of storage space Price 1 Token CST is 1.2 – 2 USD per token during ICO. ICO takes place in April 2018. The pre-ico Casper API goes pretty fantastically, wherein he managed to collect $ 1,000,000 within 1 hour. This shows how enthusiastic investors from different parts of the world.

Hardcap companies are $ 31.8 million and Softcap worth $ 4.8 million. If Softcap during the ICO period is not met, then the funds will be returned to the sender. ICO was organized to encourage crowdfunding and develop the Casper API project.

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