is the next generation decentralized peer-to-peer loan platform built on blockchain technology. Deal Coin is developed by the Fund Any Deal, with the goal of helping businesses to get capital from a global network of investors faster, more comfortable, fairer and lower cost.

The Fund Any Deal was built in May 2015, the company has a well established and regulated business by the FCA. Over the last two years, the Fund Any Deal has invested money and time to research and develop the Deal Coin platform.

Deal Coin comes with a strong and optimistic foundation capable of revitalizing the peer to peer loan market with the support of great team members. Please visit official website to see the full details of team members. Deal Coin is entering global financial markets worth $ 13.2 trillion by 2016. This strong global financial market is unfortunately still less favorable for small and medium-sized businesses, which will provide the best solution and rebuild the global financial sector.

Deal Coin serves as a platform that brings together millions of investors from around the world with businesses in need of funding. Through Deal Coin, investors and companies can connect, work together, and reach the best deal without any geographic boundaries.

Deal Coin will create an entirely decentralized, secure, and transparent platform. He will eliminate a series of complicated and outdated lending processes, as well as reduce the high initial cost of borrowing by the global financial sector.

As a result, Deal Coin can provide businesses with the opportunity to get capital from global financial markets more easily, quickly, somewhat, and low-cost loans. On the other hand, the platform guarantees a safe and profitable refund for investors. Deal Coin will make it happen by utilizing insurance, the blockchain, smart contracts that bind law and asset securitization.

One of Deal Coin’s visions is closing the gap between lender and borrower. Platform wants both parties can work together and equally benefit. No wonder, if Deal Coin is the future of the globally selected peer to peer loan platform. Innovative solutions being developed by Deal Coin will surely be a significant distraction in global financial markets. Although it only gives a one percent interest rate, it is already very profitable for Deal Coin’s business, as it will inject $ 132 billion worth of funds. This will help generate a large number of returns for all investors and realize savings for the business.

The Deal Coin will work with credit risk management, identity, legal institutions, and credit references. Every borrower must fill out an application form first, through Dapp Deal Coin. Additional information will ensure compliance with AML and KYC. Investors who want to join the ecosystem of The Deal Coin must also complete the KYC information first. When verified, the new lender can see and communicate with the borrower.

The Deal Coin System

The Deal Coin will create an exponentially growing financial ecosystem, where investors and global businesses will be connected to each other. He will actively seek out a global community to serve as The Deal Coin ambassadors. The Deal Coin ambassadors will be the head of operations in his own country and supported directly by The Deal Coin.

The Deal Coin organizes ICO Token DSLD from March 26 to June 10, 2018. The price of 1 DSLD Token is $ 0.10. You can buy it with Fiat, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum Currencies.

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