Elementh.io is a new blockchain platform that creates a specialized infrastructure for e-commerce businesses. It will provide innovative solutions for the e-commerce marketplace, and enable global transactions to be much more comfortable and more efficient by utilizing smart contracts.

Elementh blockchain technology was created using the Turing-complete built-in programming language. Thereby allowing third parties to develop a wide range of centralized and decentralized applications for e-commerce companies.

The goal of Elementh is to create a standard classification of a product in an integrated manner and offer a list of ownership of goods stored in the blockchain. Elementh will also be a platform that allows setting and scaling of e-commerce projects faster. In general, Elementh wants to change the global trading market to be more comfortable for all the perpetrators. The primary vision of the Elementh platform is to create an entirely trusted and transparent e-commerce marketplace.

Elementh creates an infrastructure that will reach many users. Various features and services are expected to attract many e-commerce actors to merge into the ecosystem. MVP from Elementh is complete, and now can be visited through the official website of elementh.io. MVP will present 1 million more database products from various categories. Product search feature and chain of ownership transfer of a particular product. In MVP also available fire calm products, the fire can be used for different e-commerce. Every business can also upload price list to the Elementh system.

The Elementh Platform will digitize various items virtually. Each product has its unique card and ID. Elementh users will be able to see historical data related to stock inventory and product prices in real-time. Elementh creates a fully transparent and secure e-commerce transaction market. Each buyer makes a payment on a smart contract, allowing a refund if the seller does not deliver the goods. The nature of decentralized and trustless Elementh Blockchain enables achieving the best deal between sellers and buyers faster. From now on, buyers do not have to worry their funds will be gone; smart contracts govern all. The system of goods created by Elementh, also allows the process of transferring assets online becomes much easier and faster. Users will love it a lot.

To realize its goal of revolutionizing the e-commerce industry, Elementh not only uses smart contracts but is also supported by sophisticated blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is not just a database, but also the basis of the company’s business processes. Interestingly again, blockchain technology can verify the authenticity of a product, track the location and movement of goods. So users can monitor their orders and make sure the products are genuinely received from the manufacturer or counterfeit goods. The use of third-party applications is beneficial for sellers or buyers. From now on, sellers can provide various services to their customers quickly and cheaply. Their products are also increasingly known by many people, as they are easily found online.

Meanwhile, consumers can now quickly get various kinds of goods desired at competitive prices because directly from the manufacturer. Their transactions are also guaranteed to be secure, thanks to the use of smart contracts and verification of counterfeit products by blockchain. Many market experts judge if Elementh.io will disturb the e-commerce market. The project developed by Elementh has earned numerous awards for companies in the field of e-commerce markets and IT pioneering companies, since 2013.

Elementh is working with top e-commerce companies, to develop its projects in the future. One of them is working with SAP Hybris, which is one of the largest retailers in the world. Elementh is supported by 17 experienced team members, with three people as founders. The founders have been proven to have a great experience in e-commerce. Please visit the official website of elementh.io for more detailed team member information. Elementh will release an ERC-20 standard utility token named Token EEE. After the ICO is complete, the EEE Token will transform into a standard Blockchain Elementh itself. The ICO runs from April 1 to April 30. The price of 1 EEE Token is 0.0002 ETH which can be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Elementh.io is developing new blockchain technology for e-commerce business. Innovative breakthroughs have earned more value from market observers, and make it one of the long-term investments that are safe and profitable.

Here are the advantages of Elementh:

  • Innovative projects
  • Successfully earned numerous awards since 2013
  • Working with top e-commerce companies
  • Supported by a founder who has proven experience in the field of e-commerce
  • Creating a secure, transparent, and accessible global e-commerce marketplace

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