Enkidu is a decentralized global collaboration platform built on blockchain technology. Enkidu will create a new ecosystem, allowing everyone to team up and find collaborators with similar ideas to create a monetized service or product.

Enkidu was created to revolutionize the already damaged online collaboration system and provide innovative solutions. It ensures a fair segregation of payments, easier access, secure collaboration without trust, and a much better system than ever before.

Enkidu is a Blockchain based solution that allows teams to create companies instantly and run them at near zero costs, via an automated system. From dispute resolution to vesting periods, we’ve got it all. – Enkidu Team

Enkidu is actually a project of Avalon Labs, which is 30 team members as profitable as builders and investors in the software startup industry. Avalon Labs is interested in microorganism technology, Blockchain, SaaS, VR or AR, and liquid nutrition. Team members have diverse skills, with an average age of 27 years.

Enkidu’s CEO is Varrun Mayya who has a myriad of achievements. When he was 20 years old, he managed to raise the first round of VC capital for a renowned online recruitment market platform, Jobspire.
In 2016, Jobspire sees over 4 million requests that help over 190,000 job seekers and 1500 employers get jobs. Varun Mayya is the author of a freelance collaboration book, titled “Pajama Profit”. You can visit the Enkidu.io website to see more detailed team member information.

Enkidu was created as a platform that will provide solutions to some serious issues in the online collaboration industry, such as:

  • Online collaboration is increasingly unavailable due to a limiting factor consisting of access and trust difficulties. In fact, individuals who want to work on small projects with global partners are increasing
  • So far, online collaboration still relies on the distribution of results manually which is perceived as less efficient and appropriate. In this case, trust between actors is required
  • Establishing a joint venture to work on a small project is not the right choice and costly. Collaboration to create an online store that sells shoes for $ 10 per pair, certainly not suitable if directly establish a joint venture just to establish cooperation
  • Online collaboration is synonymous with arbitrary and unclear divisions of Vesting
  • Number of conflicts between partners, triggered by resource utilization. In this case, removing team members with poor performance is difficult to make the team’s progress hampered

In response to the above problems, Enkidu will play a global collaborative ecosystem that enables its users to create a solid digital team. In the Enkidu ecosystem, you can freely choose developers, e-commerce experts, engineers, designers, content writers, creators, small investors and coffee makers alike. Each individual is given their respective rating.

Collaborators who are members of a team can work together on a project without involving the company. They just need to sign a digital smart contract. This means that no company organizes your team, but rather puts it in a decentralized blockchain technology.

Enkidu also has a payment gateway that serves to distribute commissions fairly to all team members according to the close of the collaboration table. Thanks to an intelligent commission system, payments are made according to the performance of team members. Team members will receive more payouts while working longer hours, and they do not receive any payment when not working. This is certainly very useful for the team because he only pays members who really serious work alone.

Enkidu has a “resolution” voting system to determine company resolutions, such as payment thresholds, dilutions, and so on. Each member is entitled to vote, and Payment Gateway is determined by this resolution, won by most votes.

Furthermore, Enkidu offers Smart Vesting features to the founders. From now on, the founders need not question the Vesting they are supposed to receive as passive income. This is already guaranteed by the platform.

The founder will continue to earn Vesting as long as the payment gateway for his project is alive and generating revenue. Large Vesting received by the time of the founder’s contribution during the project.
To prevent IP and treasury misuse, Enkidu has the Domain Escrows feature. This feature ensures the security of the Enkidu ecosystem without trust, as the domain name will be held in escrow until transfer.

Projects in Enkidu can have multiple branches and different payment gateways. There are also affiliate programs and sales commissions.
The Enkidu ecosystem also allows investment in many options. For example, collaborations using CRM tools can use CRM tools as a method of payment, instead of using cash. This can be done on terms already decided.

Enkuidu will release the token standardized ERC-20 Ethereum named Token ENK. The total ENK Token supply is 1.5 Billion. Soft cap companies are $ 5,000,000 and Hardcap worth $ 30,000,000.
Pre-ICO takes place from March 12 to March 26, 2018. 1 ENK Token sells for 0.037 USD during Pre-ICO and becomes 0.056 USD when token sales take place. The platform will ask for KYC, as residents of several countries such as China and the United States cannot participate during ICO.

Enkidu is a blockchain-based platform that is developing projects to revolutionize a sustainable and deeper online collaboration industry. There are several reasons why Enkidu deserves to be considered a long-term investment.
– Experienced team members in various fields
– Innovative projects that help a lot of people, so it’s potentially making platform development faster
– Offers superior services and features that give users more value

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