Crypto N ‘Kafe is the first coffee trading platform built on blockchain technology. It will create a decentralized consumer ecosystem, with intelligent contract support to facilitate and facilitate a wide range of operations.

Crypto N ‘Cafes exist to revolutionize the African coffee industry that has been dominated by retailers and embraces a centralized system. Crypto N ‘Kafe is domiciled in Mauritius, and developed by 10 members of the core team with a wide range of expertise.

The small-scale farmer has no credits, and the coffee trades are non-transparent. All these problems cannot be neglected for a long term. As a result, Crypto N’ Kafe has come up with an idea and they have developed a Blockchain based ecosystem that has the ability to handle all these key issues. – Crypto N’ Kafe Team 

The Crypto N ‘Cafe ecosystem provides convenience for traders, roasters, small farmers, and retailers. Consumers can trade directly with coffee farmers within the ecosystem, which will provide end-to-end benefits. During this time, small coffee farmers in Africa are faced with serious problems. The problem consists of the dominance of intermediaries in every transaction, intervention by central authorities such as banks and government, low-income farmers, inefficient distribution of coffee and so on.


CNK token Smart-Contracts serve to facilitate a variety of operations, both in the process of harvesting, subscribing, planting, and smoother coffee distribution. The Crypto N ‘Cafe ecosystem provides a guarantee of fair, transparent, more modern, and more profitable coffee trade for all. Innovative solutions provided by Crypto N ‘Kafe for the much better African coffee industry will certainly capture more users who will join the ecosystem, especially small-scale farmers.


There are the advantages  offered by Crypto N ‘Kafe :

1. Consumer

  • Buying coffee is now much easier because it is done online
  • Unlimited access to various coffee suppliers
  • Can get high-quality coffee at a cheaper price than in stores

2. Farmers

  • Direct marketing and promotion to consumers
  • Can control the full list of products and price of coffee
  • More detailed and fast customer feedback
  • Higher income, as it passes through the middleman
  • Free financially

3. Merchants

  • Export to all over the world is more fun because the delivery of goods becomes faster and low cost
  • Free from overly complex banking procedures
  • Payment methods are much easier and simpler

4. Roaster

  • Simpler payments and lower fees
  • Make a deal directly with farmers and traders
  • Trade on a one-stop business, on a trading platform

5. Retails

  • Trading on the trading platform Busines to Business one roof
  • Enjoy advanced technology for retail business
  • Provides convenience for end customers to make payments, ie with debit cards, peer to peer exchanges, and mobile wallets

Crypto N ‘Kafe ensures that inflation is small, so it will benefit the economic condition of African coffee farmers. The ecosystem is transparent, leaving no margin hidden every time a coffee transaction takes place. At the end of the day, the platform will push the African coffee supply chain healthy and smooth.Users can download Crypto N ‘Kafe app on Google PlayStore and iOS. In addition, the platform also offers CNK debit cards. CNK debit cards must be connected to a mobile wallet or website. This card works to buy CNK token or withdraw it. The Crypto N ‘Kafe platform will release an ERC-20 based utility token called Token CNK. This token serves to process all transactions performed within the platform. The amount of supply available is 78.6 million. ICO Token CNK takes place from February 3 to March 25, 2018.

Tokens sold on pre-ICO and ICO will account for 65% of the total token supply. The remaining 35% will be allocated as follows:

  • 15% Team (locked for 1 years)
  • 10% Advisors, Whitelist, and Bounty (locked for 3 months, except bounty)
  • 10% Investors (will start in 2019)

The project revolutionizes the African coffee industry is one of the most innovative ideas. The number of problems experienced by coffee farmers in Africa, encouraging the creation of Crypto N ‘Kafe platform. Various solutions and convenience offered will certainly make a lot of farmers or consumers who join the ecosystem. Thus, the Token Token CNK will increase as the platform develops.

Website – Whitepaper – Announcement 

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