Equi Capital is a platform built on Ethereum blockchain technology that links the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the venture capital industry. The main objective of creating Equi.capital platforms is to enable small investors to contribute in venture capital markets that have the potential to generate huge profits.

Equi.capital is supported by professional team members who have proven successful in their respective fields. The founders of the platform are Doug Barrowman owner of Aston Ventures and Baroness More from Mayfair, OBE. Doug Barrowman is a successful businessman who has experienced investing in startup and early-stage companies for 30 years. Aston Ventures is the company that leads the acquisition of former Ve Global unicorn technology. In addition, Doug also became Founder and Chairman of Knox Group which was built in 2008.

On the other hand, Baroness More is a leading British businesswoman. He is the founder of Ultimo Brands International and appointed by the British government to win the honor while serving as the “Start-Up Tsar Business”. Other team members consist of 4 Investment Team, 5 Project Team, 3 Advisory Team of Entrepreneur, and 3 Crypto Advisory Team. Before being offered to prospective investors, all investment opportunities will be evaluated in advance by being scrutinized and considered in full.

This will be project specific and will vary on each project. Estimated maturity dates will be disclosed when the project is showcased on the platform so that our token holders are able to make informed choices. – Mark Lyons, Investment Director EQUI Capital

So far, investing in venture capital markets is one of the business fields that promise very high profits for everyone who contributes to it. Unfortunately, the venture capital market can only be reached by investors with large capital only, and small investors cannot contribute to the business is very promising.

Based on this problem, the EQUI platform was created. With the help of blockchain technology, it will connect the venture capital industry with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To make it happen, Equi Capital released a Token ERC20 named Token EQUI. This EQUI Token can be used by investors to buy shares in newly built entrepreneurial firms and registered on the platform. Later, investors will benefit from their investment returns with considerable rewards.

The EQUI Token is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and uses smart contracts to store a wide variety of information on every project on display on the platform. Information consists of due dates, project targets, and capitalization.

All distributions, investments, rewards, transactions, etc. are stored in blockchain to ensure security and transparency. Interestingly again, for investors, it’s not complicated to identify various investment opportunities themselves. Equi Team will find the best investment opportunity recommendation, then share it to the investor. Not only that, EQUI will also provide broad guidance, knowledge, and business insight to investors so that their business will grow significantly.

There are 3 ways you can do to take advantage of Token EQUI, ie Become a Trader, Token Holder, and Investor. Here are the details:

1. Trader
The Token Token EQUI does not store tokens inside the platform, it will benefit if the EQUI Token’s sale value becomes higher than before.
2. Investors
The investor is the user who stores the EQUI Token on the platform, then invests his token to a particular company. Investors will get a share of 70% of the profits earned by the company. Investors can also join EQUIcredits loyalty program, which gets a 5% share of the token amount invested.
3. Holders
This is the user who stores the Token EQUI on the platform and does not invest his or her token into any project. Every year, Token Holders will get a share of 5% from the number of tokens owned.

So, how does the EQUI Ecosystem work?

  • The EQUI team displays several investment opportunity recommendations on the platform before it is published. The EQUI team will conduct an evaluation first. The EQUI team gets a 25% share of project profits, in return for their performance.
  • EQUI Token holder is given an offer to investment
  • When investment targets have accumulated, venture capital funds will be provided to the project. If the failed target is met, the EQUI Token is returned to the user again
  • 70% of profits distributed to investors

Pre-sale Token EQUI takes place from March 1 – March 8, with a minimum investment of $ 100,000. The number of EQUI Token supplies is 250,000.00. ICO Token EQUI starts from March 8 – March 31, 2018. 1 EQUI Token sells for $ 0.5. The minimum investment during ICO is $ 100. You can use Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple to buy tokens.

Equi Capital is one of the blockchain-based platforms with innovative projects and potential for long-term investments. At least here are some of the reasons that make Equi.capital very potential to grow in the future:

  • Supported by a team of experienced professionals
  • Develop projects that provide solutions for many people
  • A very wide market share, as many investors are interested in Capital Venture
  • Many startups will merge into the ecosystem

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