Omnitude is a platform created to revolutionize the current supply chain and eCommerce using blockchain technology. Omnitude will form a more profitable, more secure, and more transparent online e-commerce ecosystem than ever before.

Omnitude is a radical concept in blockchain ecosystems.
Not only creating our own blockchain solutions that integrate enterprise systems, supply chains and eCommerce platforms. But also enabling a community of app developers that can imagine, build and deploy blockchain solutions to real world problems. – Omnitude Team

In the application of blockchain technology, Omnitude serves as a middleware that serves to integrate enterprise systems, eCommerce sites, and supply chains. This allows faster deployment of blockchain technology without having to replace the current system. Benefits that can be obtained is increasing the ability of the previous system.

Omnitude is built on Hyperledger, a blockchain protocol that enables business-to-business transactions and business-to-costumers. Omnitude is an open source, global, and collaborative project hosted by The Linux Foundation. Therefore, Omnitude provides an opportunity for the application developer community to design and create blockchain-based decentralized applications that provide solutions for the eCommerce and real-life industries.

Omnitude is supported by 8 core team members and 4 advisors. Chris Painter is a Founder and CO platform, experienced for over 12 years running design and building a web agency in eCommerce space. Armed with the experience, it will bring eCommerce industry even better in the future by utilizing the sophistication of blockchain technology. The eCommerce industry in recent years has shown rapid growth. Millions of people around the world shop on eCommerce sites every day. No wonder if in 2016 yesterday the number of eCommerce sales reached $ 1.86 Trillion. This number is expected to increase to $ 4.8 trillion by 2021. This eCommerce market share will surely support the growth and development of Omnitude ecosystem significantly from time to time.

But unfortunately, in the midst of the growth of eCommerce industry online cases of harm is still a lot happening. Among others are:

• Distribution of counterfeit goods received by retailers reaches 86%
• Cheating online payments
• Problems with the supply chain
• Identity theft
• Lack of coordination between different entities
• Costly transaction fees
• And many more

Behind the growing number of adverse problems in the eCommerce industry, Omnitude platforms were created that offer innovative solutions. Omnitude is developed with core principles consisting of Collaboration, Adoption, Innovation, Accountability, and Revolution.

The platform provides an opportunity for everyone to work to create unique and innovative solutions with the help of blockchain technology. The eCommerce revolution will soon be done by Omnitude. Omnitude is here to address the various problems that exist in eCommerce and change it for the better. Here are the solutions offered by the platform to create a more secure, more profitable, and more transparent e-Commerce:

  1. The issue of trust: Omnitude applies the payment method in stages. This means that traders cannot get paid upfront without sending the product. User trust will certainly increase against eCommerce because it feels secure
  2. Prevent fraud: All data and important user information will be stored in blockchain, which keeps it safe from hacking and identity theft issues
  3. Confirm identity: Now the merchant does not need to build the identity of the customer and the customer gets a faster onboarding experience
  4. Supply chain: Any goods ordered by the consumer will be marked with identifiers. This allows tracking of goods in real time, from the seller’s warehouse to the buyer’s hand
  5. Single Reputation: Omnitude offers a unique introduction that provides reputation value to all ecosystem e-commerce ecosystems, from merchants, suppliers, and users

Here are the benefits provided by Omnitude for eCommerce:
• Increased fraud in the eCommerce industry
• Block-based integration between enterprise systems, such as WMS and ERP
• Creating a new era in the supply chain and manufacturing becomes more accountable and transparent
• Single customer identity empowerment
• And many more

Omnitude will launch an ERC-20 standard utility token named ECOM Token. This ECOM token works to resolve all user transactions within the Omnitude ecosystem. Merchants require Ecom Token to access supply chain related data, using merchant-centrist applications created above Omnitude and access the reputation created by other platforms.Meanwhile, consumers can pay traders using fiat money and ECOM Token.

ICO ECOM Tokens will take place from 28 March to 25 April 2018. 1 ECOM Token sells for 0.46 USD during the token sale. Hard hats company worth 20.7 million USD and soft cap of 10,000,000 USD.
Omnitude only accepts Ethereum and Bitcoin, with a minimum investment of $ 150 USD.

Omnitude is entering a very potential eCommerce market and is predicted to continue to grow over time. The project to integrate enterprise systems and eCommerce, with blockchain technology is a very innovative idea. Team Omnitude has spent more than 10 years delivering innovative solutions to today’s eCommerce problems. The staff behind the platform know this field very well. Already many companies are looking forward to the presence of Omnitude.

Therefore, buying ECOM Token is one of the long-term investments you can choose in 2018. The token value will be higher, along with the growth of the Omnitude ecosystem.

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