Buzzshow is the first social networking video platform built on blockchain technology, with the aim of providing incentives to all contributing members. Starting from creators, curators, and viewers. An Innovative projects being developed by BuzzShow are supported by 12 professional team members, with diverse expertise.

BuzzShow is a fully developed reward based social media video network that rewards the users with BuzzShow Goldies Tokens for creating, curating, sharing & viewing videos.-BuzzShow Team

Founder of BuzzShow platform is Offer Kohen. He’s a film producer, director, and a person who has over 20 years of experience working in media companies, TV, and websites. Please check the official website for more detailed team member information.

this is a difference to the majority of ICO’s other platform providers, who are present at the conceptual stage and offer only attractive white papers to support the sale of tokens only. However, BuzzShow comes with the Alpha platform that has been tested and developed since Q 1 – 2 2017 ago, before organizing their ICO. In fact, BuzzShow also tests and develops mobile apps for easy access of viewers, creators, and curators. The Alpha BuzzShow platform can be accessed by contributors through the website. Thus, the BuzzShow team can present the best features and services needed by users in the future.

BuzzShow was created as a platform that will solve the problems within the social networking video ecosystem. First, BuzzShow will transform online video content storage system centrally into decentralization, as it is vulnerable to DOS attacks and ransomware. In this case, BuzzShow is supported by a file storage feature called Filecoin. Filecoin is a decentralized cloud storage network built and operating on blockchain technology. Filecoin involves the miners as a provider of file storage space and implements the peer to peer protocol index. Later, the files uploaded by the user will be stored with a unique cryptographic hash code.

As a result, video content stored in Filecoin is more secure, open, and fast to find even in high volume. In fact, the use of bandwidth is more controlled and efficient. Furthermore, BuzzShow will address frequently-used issues related to user privacy and the abundance of censorship done by most social media platforms today. BuzzShow gives users complete control over their personal privacy. The platform also gives users the freedom to define selection, monetization, and distribution criteria.

BuzzShow will not restrict users to share their best content, censorship is only done if the content proves to be illegal. The above two points are crucial for the convenience of the platform users, so BuzzShow is able to deliver the plus value that many people love. This is the main point of BuzzShow’s platform presence, it will provide incentives equally to curators, viewers, and creators according to their popularity and contribution to the video-sharing ecosystem.

BuzzShow provides a very engaging offer to creators, that is, they can earn multiple earnings and no need to share revenue with the platform. Creators will get a GLDY Token when they upload video to their channel and when the video is seen by other users Creators can even get GLDY Tokens by offering paid access to their high-quality content. Receivers can get a GLDY Token every time they share a video to their channel or someone views the video. The most exciting part of the BuzzShow platform is that it gives the GLDY Token to viewers who view the videos on the platform. The GLDY Token can be used to access paid content.

GLDY tokens are required by advertisers to directly pay curators and creators to keep their ads placed in videos according to the right target audience. This method is certainly more effective when compared to the placement of ads randomly. To run the BuzzShow ecosystem dynamically then use GLDY Token. It is the ERC20 Token that enables the micropayments and awarding process to run quickly and safely.

In addition, the use of smart contracts also ensures equitable incentives to all users who contribute to the BuzzShow ecosystem. The software called EOS.IO is used by BuzzShow to help manage databases, scheduling, permissions, communication between applications and authentication. This integrated infrastructure makes it easy to build platforms and all processes within the ecosystem.

The ICO Token GLDY commences from 5th March to 4th April 2018. The total supply of GLDY tokens is 150,000,000 with the price of 1 GLDY is 0.25 USD and can be purchased using XMR, XRP, ETH, BTC, DASH, and LTC. The company’s soft hat is 10000 USD and hard cap 2000000 USD. During the implementation of Token Sale phase 1 there is a bonus of 20%. BuzzShow also offers a referral program, which gives 10 GLDY to the user each time successfully invites 1 person and enrolls on the platform.


BuzzShow offers a very innovative idea, supported by an integrated infrastructure. The idea to provide incentives to curators, creators and viewers will certainly attract many people to join the ecosystem.
This will make the BuzzShow ecosystem grow well and increase the value of Token GLDY. For that, joining during ICO implementation is the right idea for long-term investment.

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