Bank4You is a platform developed by Bank4You Group to create a much better future money transfer system. The platform comes with a wide range of advanced mobile banking services capable of facilitating all user affairs.

The main services offered by the platform is the ease in making money transfers online to the world without having to create a bank account first. Bank4You is also the first company to convert mobile network operators and cryptocurrency accounts. The high-tech Bank4You specialist team develops simple and easy-to-understand mobile apps, for the convenience of the users when making transactions, managing personal finances, and accessing all services. Bank4You mobile app can be used free of charge and downloaded in Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Bank4You organizes ICOs to raise funds to accelerate the launch of their services in new markets in America, Africa, and Asia. The funds will also be used to create money transfer services using cryptocurrency or Bitcoin and microlending to customers. The company invites investors from all over the world to jointly create fast, secure, affordable and beneficial mobile banking services for many people over the blockchain technology. Find out more about the platform and projects being developed by Bank4You in the following review below.

Bank4You is a high-tech international financial company offering mobile banking services since 2013 and is headquartered in London, England. After establishing cooperation with another group company, the name changed to Bank4You Group in 2017. The UK Financial Conduct Authority has issued FCA License No.715451, which authorizes Bank4YOU to provide credit.

Bank4YOU Group mission is to enable customers to access easy and convenient mobile services, saving on time and resources. -Bank4You Team

The main project being developed by Bank4You is to create a safer, faster, and commission-free online money transfer service between countries. This is realized by utilizing blockchain technology. The platform becomes a new innovation in the world of fintech and international money transfer services. Not only that, Bank4You platform also allows users to change their balances into local currency in the form of cellular operator products. For example, mobile airtime and mobile money. Finally, platform users can also enjoy cryptocurrency transfer services.

Bank4You is here to help more than 2 billion people in 100 countries in the world who are less fortunate because they don’t have access to traditional banks and do not have bank accounts. On the other hand, they all have smartphones and have signed contracts with local telecom operators in their respective areas. With the help of blockchain technology, these 2 billion people are now able to receive and send money on a national or international scale very easily, quickly and safely.

The way is simply to install the Bank4You mobile application on the smartphone, and no need to create an account at the bank. All sophisticated financial services are now in your hands.
So, how to send money on Bank4You?
1. First please open Bank4You application, then tap menu “Operation”
2. Next, select the contact you want to send money to
3. Click the menu “Withdrawal”
4. Enter the amount of balance to be sent, click again “Withdrawal”
5. Wait a minute, the process is done

With all the convenience and features of interest, Bank4You will plunge into the mobile money service market share that is currently in demand by many people to transfer between countries. A total of 271 mobile money services in 93 countries of the world are an option for people, being more accessible, 50% cheaper, and guaranteed.

Based on existing data, 43,000,000 transactions each day are processed by Mobile Money Provider. In September 2016 yesterday, the industry successfully processed $ 22 billion more, and the figure reached $ 269 per year. A total of 556 million mobile accounts and 4.3 million mobile money agents are registered worldwide.

This is an opportunity for Bank4You to enter into a vast and potential market. All the conveniences offered by its mobile banking services and smart solutions help 2 billion people in the world, making Bank4You company optimistic will be able to continue to grow over time. The presence of Bank4You platform is certainly going to benefit everyone, especially those who go to other countries for a long time. For example, migrant workers, students, and tourists who often walk.
Bank4You makes it easy for them to make cross-border and domestic payments, without having to have a local bank account and proof of residence. Transactions are fast, easy, and secured.

The exchange rate in the Bank4You platform is guaranteed to be stable, as new tokens will be issued when paper money is sent to the system. Interestingly again, users do not need to think about expensive transfer fees. Transactions processed in Ethereal blockchain technology, offer a much cheaper price than mobile money services. This will certainly encourage user interest to conduct transactions on Bank4You platform.

Bank4You released the MMR token or Mobile Money Remittance that serves to access cross-border money transfer services. This token is tied to the mobile operator’s minutes and real money assets so that the value remains stable and avoids volatility. MMR token can be redeemed for airtime, money, and fiat currency. Users just adjust to the needs only.

In addition to the MMR token, Bank4You also released a BYF token that is reserved for investors. By buying Token BYF, investors will get some benefits such as:

1. Gain a share of the profits earned from the marketing of Bank4You Group credit products
2. Provide a special discount for purchase of MMR token
3. Benefit from the total turnover collected by the international money transfer system

ICO Token BFY takes place from 6 November 2017 – 31 March 2018. 1 Token BFY sells for 0.25 USD which can be obtained with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The minimum investment is 100 USD.

Bank4You is developing an exciting project by utilizing blockchain technology. The idea of offering mobile banking services that make it easy for everyone to make transfers between countries faster, easier, safer, and affordable is considered very good.
Moreover, the market share for its services is enormous. This will continue to provide a boost for the platform to further evolve over time. Buying Token BYF is one of the best long-term investments taking into account an innovative and useful platform for everyone.

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