KWHCoin is a new cryptocurrency that has a real product of renewable energy. This digital currency is present to handle the problem of supply of electrical energy source so far still not evenly distributed to remote areas. Noted, at least 1.2 billion people in the world still not have access to an energy source. This is the problem that KWHCoin wants to solve. Approximately, how will they realize his vision? What benefits does KWHCoin offer to investors and users?Find the answer in the following short review.

A KWH coin is backed by the kilowatt hours flowing through The Grid. The value of KWH coin is based not only on the unit valuation, but on the network and all of our distributed energy resources and their ability to generate and distribute electricity. -KWHCoin Team

KWHCoin creates a platform that allows users to sell and purchase renewable energy sources, through The Gird app. Later, renewable energy sources are traded by users in the form of Token KWH. The KWH Token is the output of network participant leverage data, readable readers, smart meters, and Green Button data processed in blockchain technology. In a nutshell, the KWH tokens represent the energy produced per one kilowatt hour. In generating energy, KWH tokens are powered by wind power, tidal power, biofuel, geothermal energy, solar power generators, hydropower, solar generators, electric vehicles, energy storage, electric cars and solar communities.

The KWH Token is the primary currency in the Gird app that is used to process all transactions. KWHCoin becomes the first renewable energy industry built on blockchain technology, ensuring user transactions are transparent, secure, fast and peer to peer without involving third parties.

In addition, the use of blockchain technology makes the KWHCoin platform completely decentralized, with no central party managing it. Consumers have a real vote for determining the price of KWH tokens in the ecosystem. The KWHCoin company will pioneer the emergence of a globally distributed, renewable power grid. The first step to reducing the use of fossil fuels, which are increasingly depleted and known to trigger pollution.

Therefore, renewable energy sources will be increasingly needed as time goes by. In addition to the unlimited amount, it also does not cause pollution. Utilizing smart contracts and blockchain technologies, KWHCoin creates a globally distributed network of renewable energy resources. Everyone around the world can contribute to the clean energy market. In the end, 1.2 billion people in the world who have not gained access to any energy source can now take advantage of KWHCoin. The presence of KWHCoin, changing the implementation of power generation and delivery of clean energy resources becomes decentralized.

For investors, KWHCoin provides an offer that is not less interesting. They can take advantage of the renewable clean energy generated by manufacturers into future financial benefits. Both large investors and small investors can both develop their funds by donating their funds to ICO organized by the platform. ICO KWHCoin takes place from February 8 to March 15, 2018. The platform will launch the KWH token, the token price is 0.000375 ETH per token.



KWHCoin is a platform that pioneers the global renewable energy distribution network. The presence of this platform, making all people around the world can access clean energy sources very easily. Thanks to blockchain technology, making the KWHCoin ecosystem fully decentralized and every transaction runs safe, fast, peer to peer, and easy.

The KWH token, which contains a number of renewable electrical energy, has a huge market share. Moreover, demand for renewable energy sources will increase in the future, due to fossil resources being exhausted. Therefore, Token KWH can be a long-term investment. By buying tokens at ICO at a low price, investors can save and sell them in the future when demand for KWH tokens continues to increase and their value increases. Hopefully, this short review can be useful to all of you.

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