Helbiz is a new platform in blockchain technology that wants to change the way people share their vehicles and enjoy better transportation services in the future. The platform is issuing an HBZ Token as a utility token that is used to pay for all transactions within the Helbiz ecosystem.

Helbiz token launched by the platform managed to keep the attention of many people and make it one of the most trending cryptocurrency in 2018. In addition, HBZ Token is also included in the best crypto category to be invested in 2018. Approximately, what makes Token Helbiz so special and special in the eyes of many people? What are the innovations and services it offers to revolutionize the mobility ecosystem? Find the answer in the following review below.

Helbiz is a decentralized transportation market that offers vehicle rental services ranging from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trains, boats, and private planes, which are safer, more comfortable and fast. Helbiz became the first company to join the Helbiz Mobility System. Helbiz Mobility System is an open platform for companies with mobility-related services and is willing to revolutionize blockchain technology using dApps and data. The platform is built on the Ethereal blockchain technology and has a Token HBZ utility token.

Helbiz will revolutionize the transportation industry by decentralizing the sharing economy & giving personal control to the user. – Salvatore Palella ( Founder & CEO Helbiz)

Helbiz is entering a very large market share. Just imagine, the current number of cars in the world reached 1.2 billion units, and still not including other private vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, and private jets. The problem is the average car is only used as much as 4% of the time and 96% of the other time letting the car fall into the garage. Helbiz wants to change this condition and give everyone the opportunity to make money, by leasing his private vehicle that is not in use to peers or others in need of help. Car owners can rent their vehicles without having to undergo a series of complicated manual processes. All can be done in an easy and simple way. You must often see people whose cars or motorcycles break down by the wayside. it will be nice if we could help those who trying and make money.

Helbiz Platform Environment

On the other hand, Helbiz offers easy access to transportation services. Thanks to the presence of Helbiz, now everyone can rent various types of private vehicles very easily and quickly. Here is how to rent a vehicle on Helbiz platform:

  1. Install the application : First of all users must install Helbiz app on the smartphone. Then choose your own car or which vehicle to rent
  2. Verification process : After that, tenants and vehicle owners will verify their respective digital identities
  3. Terms : Once the verification process is completed, the tenant must now agree to all applicable terms and conditions. Starting from travel insurance policy, rental duration, and price. If all terms and conditions have been approved, proceed with verification on smart contract.
  4. Push : After all the process is complete, the tenant can directly unlock the car digitally via smartphone, then immediately drive it. Thus, Helbiz is more time-efficient, as it does not communicate with car owners and perform key exchanges. The team from the Helbiz platform over the past 10 months has focused on developing key of smartphone exclusive and powerful technologies. This is the benefits offered by Helbiz and not owned by other platforms.
  5. Pay : Payments will be made by reducing the balance in the tenant wallet and sending it to the car owner’s wallet. This is done after the trip is over. Every transaction made by vehicle owners and tenants runs in peer to peer, and is processed within the Ethereal blockchain technology. This serves to ensure transaction security.

The efforts by the Helbiz platform to create a better mobility ecosystem in the future will not be there. It also gives users the opportunity to share their driving data every day.Such driving data include damage history, GPS data, and mileage. Such driving data can be sold and give the manufacturer a HBZ token. Buyers driving data are insurance companies. Driving data is also useful for accelerating innovation in the transportation industry.

Helbiz’s blockchain technology serves to process a wide range of services, as well as transactions between external service providers, owners, and operators. All processes are done automatically through a payment system tailored to their use.

Helbiz released a utility token that complies with ERC20’s standard smart contract named Token Helbiz and has the HBZ symbol. The total supply as a whole is 1,000,000,000 HBZ Token. Softcap company worth 6,000 Ethereum and Hardcap worth 62,500 Ethereum. The ICO Helbiz runs from February 15 to March 14, 2018, at a price of $ 0.15 per token or 1 Ethereum worth 6,000 HBZ.

HBZ Token :
The HBZ Token will be the ultimate cryptocurrency to pay for all the global transportation services offered by the Helbiz Mobility System. This is what makes the HBZ Token so special and fit to be invested in 2018, because it’s relatively stable and not fluctuating like any other cryptocurrency synonymous with price speculation. The price of this cryptocurrency will increase in line with the growth of the vehicle rental market within the HBZ ecosystem.

Token Allocation

The purpose of the Helbiz platform in revolutionizing the mobility ecosystem for better yet better is the more value that is not found in other platforms. Fast, easy, and secure car rental services can be a special attraction for many people to join the ecosystem. Specifically, the car unlock feature is digitally via smartphone. Really the most appropriate step to capture more people.

So, contribute during ICO to support the innovative project being developed by Helbiz. Token prices are not fluctuating and free of price speculation, making you feel more secure.

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