SyncFab or Synchronized Fabrication is a platform that wants to transform and improve the supply chain in the hardware manufacturing business for the better, using the help of blockchain technology. One of the goals to be achieved is to help small and medium-sized local producers compete with large producers.

In addition, there are still some other advantages offered by SyncFab, either to the producers or consumers. The platform will launch the standard ERC20 MFG token as a utility token that has many functions within the ecosystem. He will also organize ICO as a fundraiser to develop the platform and achieve all its goals. Let us know more about platform in the following reviews.

MFG token will be used to execute smart contracts, incentivize and reward purchasers and manufacturers who will be placing parts production orders within SyncFab and the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain. – Syncfab Team

SyncFab is a business to business platform that connects consumers with hardware manufacturers directly. Within the SyncFab ecosystem, consumers and producers will transact peer to peer without the involvement of brokers or intermediaries, which keeps the supply chain in the manufacturing business running long and makes the cost so high. By eliminating the role of brokers and intermediaries, the supply chain becomes shorter and more efficient, by pushing the price of goods lower and realizing transparent transactions.

Now, consumers can manage, secure, and directly track the process of producing goods online easily and without any problems. Thanks to the integration of smart contracts and blockchain technology, SyncFab enables all consumers to streamline their discussions with hardware suppliers and manage the supply chain even better.

By joining the SyncFab ecosystem, here are some of the benefits that consumers will gain:

  1. Getting high-quality goods at low prices directly from the manufacturer.
  2. Increase the benefits gained.
  3. Tracking, purchasing, and reordering are based on demand.
  4. Connect directly with the local producer network.
  5. Secure transactions and more easily communicate through smart contracts.

On the other hand, here are the benefits that hardware manufacturers will get:

  1. The payment process from consumers is assured on smart contract
  2. Full control of your ability and product price
  3. No more thinking about high marketing costs, because consumers directly connect with your manufacturing facility
  4. Can be more focused to produce products that are needed by consumers

To realize a manufacturing business ecosystem that ensures security and prioritizes efficiency, SyncFab establishes a platform with mobile accessibility, powerful search features, optimal page load times, inspection files, more concise order flow and online payment support.

The goals are nothing more than to make it easier for everyone to access and join the more affordable and sophisticated manufacturing business ecosystem. At least, the top 50 industry makers in Northen California became SyncFab customers. In public-private partnerships, the platform works closely with initiatives of national authorities and municipal authorities to promote economic development and citizenship innovation.

SyncFab was built in 2013 based in Silicon Valley. There are 9 team members behind the SyncFab platform, with experience from various professions. Starting from marketing, engineering, supply chain management and others. The unique and innovative project developed by SyncFab is also supported by 6 very popular advisory teams. Among them is Gil Penchina who became an initial investor PayPal and Mike Jones who became investors in Dollar Shave Club.

SyncFab will launch the ERC20 standard MFG Token as a token utility used within the platform. MFG Tokens work to make payments, reward producers, and consumers, promote trust, protect intellectual property and ensure transparent transactions through the execution of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition, MFG tokens also offer incentives to buyers and producers who join the ecosystem. For example, a manufacturer will be given an MFG token to generate an offer in a timely manner, even if the offer is unsuccessful. For the price of the MFG Token itself is 1 ETH equivalent to 5,000 MFG, there is an attractive bonus for the purchase of the initial token. The SoftCap is 5,000 ETH and The HardCap is 33,000 ETH. The public ICO begins on February 15, 2018.




SyncFab is a platform that wants to transform the supply chain in the hardware manufacturing business, by integrating blockchain technology and smart contracting. Currently, the process in the supply chain is more efficient, low cost, transparent, secured and supported by online payments. The platform invites everyone to help small and medium-sized local producers compete with large producers.

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