Mark.Space is an innovative platform that combines Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, smart contract and blockchain technologies to create an ecosystem supported by exciting and useful services for everyday life.

What services are being developed by the platform ?. What benefits can people get from Mark.Space? Find the answer in the following short review.

We have built a platform that allows anyone to create and design commercial VR-spaces without the need to know even the basics of coding and 3D modeling.  – Mark.Space Team

First of all, let’s find out what benefits the Mark.Space platform offers.

1. Communicate more easily with everyone in the world
The issue that is still not resolved is the best experience when communicating with everyone in the world. Mark.Space wants to be a platform that utilizes Virtual Reality technology to remove the restrictions of everyone around the world in communicating, whether communicating socially or in business.

To make it happen, Mark.Space will overcome challenges between the virtual world and the objective reality. Thus, everyone from different parts of the world can communicate like being in the same place in the real world, whenever and wherever they want.

Related to the efficiency of communication offered by the platform, the services they provide are the Community District and the Business District. This, of course, becomes a very innovative new development for Virtual Reality technology.

2. Creating new business opportunities
Surely you will ask, how does Mark.Space provides new business opportunities to everyone? This question is certainly easy to answer, because the platform is based on 3D technology and Virtual reality, of course, they are needs content to be enjoyed by users. So, developers and creators can take advantage of this opportunity to earn money.

In addition to developers and creators, retailers can also earn money from the Mark.Space platform. Because one service platform is a Shopping District, so retailers can set up a VR store that sells clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and more.

Finally, this business opportunity can be utilized by investors. They can invest in the initial phase of the project launch, to get the MRK Token. Along with the development of the platform, the price of MRK Token will surely increase

In addition to the token, in the initial phase of the project launch, you can also invest in UNIT. Because the price per 1 UNIT will grow when each unit of 100K. The vision is very good for investors.

3. Enjoy attractive service
Another benefit offered by Mark.Space is that users can enjoy attractive services on the platform. This service makes some of your interests in everyday life easier.  Here is the service :

  • Community District

As described above, Mark.Space wants to help everyone around the world to communicate more easily. District Community, allows you to discuss the things you love with friends from different regions of the world. Now, you can discuss like in the real world, without having to travel far. Simply utilize the Community District service, you can exclaim with friends anywhere and anytime. More time-saving and cost-free, without prejudice to its excitement. Not only that, you can also visit the museum, or watch sports games and see a favorite band concert. All look real in front of your eyes.

  • Business District

In addition to facilitating social communication, Mark.Space will also make it easier for you to communicate with partners from all over the world. In the Business District, you can discuss as if you are holding a meeting at the same time. Thus, there is no longer any reason to get clients from outside.

  • Shopping District

This is a service that is not less interesting for users Mark.Space, for those who usually shop at the mall or clothing store, would be more interested. The reason, they can shop without having to leave the house, but with the same experience as in a real mall. With the Shopping District, it can be a business opportunity for retailers, to set up VR stores, as described above.

  • Shelter District

Finally, Mark.Space users can try the fun of recreation in the Residential District. You can make a dream apartment, for the purpose of design work or just for fun. Please imagine your liking.

With blockchain and Virtual Reality technology, all the services, and conveniences offered by Mark.Space can certainly be realized. Target users are people who actively shop over the internet, with about 1.5 billion people and a market share of $ 2.6 billion. There are also social networks with more than 3 billion people. Innovative projects, huge market share, backed by advanced technology are becoming more perfect thanks to the great team behind the platform.

Mark.Space was developed by 36 team members and 4 additional people as advisers. Each member comes from several different countries, such as China, Japan, and other countries. Not only come from different countries, each member also has skills from various disciplines. Starting from Virtual Reality, math, web design, localization, and so forth.

With a considerable diversity of skills and team members, this project certainly has more value. There will be many people who develop the project and together achieve all the targets. The team will try to bring the service useful and liked by the user.

Mark.Space will release a token standard of ERC-20 named Token MRK. Later, Token MRK becomes a utility token that is used for various purposes on the platform. Starting from buying goods at VR stores, renting VR real estate and others. The ICO takes place from 28 January to 28 February. The price of 1 MRK is 0.1 USD and can be purchased using fiat, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Hard hat company worth 300,000 Ethereum and soft hat: 15,000 Ethereum.

Mark.Space can be said as a new face for technology Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency. This platform has more values that can be considered by investors, namely innovative projects, solid team members, broad market share, and supported by cutting-edge technology of Virtual Reality and Blockchain.
Hopefully, this short review can be useful to all of you.

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