e-Chat is a blockchain-based multifunctional platform that is developing instant messenger services, social networking, and cryptocurrencies in a decentralized place. Since the first phase of ICO’s introduction, the platform has begun with 3556 investors from around the world, and will certainly continue to grow.

e-Chat is not just an instant messenger, it is a platform for solving everyday problems, developed on the basis of blockchain technology. – e-Chat Team

This positive response is similar to unique projects, solid team members, and the innovative products they offer. Not surprising, if many people who deserve e-Chat as a good project and suitable to be a long-term investment. So, are you interested in going to know more about innovative projects and services offered by e-Chat? Check out the explanation in the following review below.

e-Chat is a fully decentralized instant messenger app and keeps 100% user privacy, with additional social networking features and cryptocurrency services. The concept of messenger offered by e-Chat is actually very similar to Telegram. Where users can chat without worrying about being spotted by others. You can send text messages, audio, and make video calls with the e-Chat app. Keep in mind, e-Chat will make your video calling experience and online broadcasts more interesting, as you can change the appearance based on artificial neural networks. Not to be missed, e-Chat also allows users to create new chat groups and join an existing chat group.

The tagline of the instant messenger e-Chat service is “Real Freedom!”, It reflects the value of decentralization upheld by the platform. To ensure the decentralization of all its users, e-Chat encrypts messages sent and received by users on P2P networks, blockchain, and IPSF technologies, without involving centralized dedicated servers. Thus, e-Chat will be free from cases such as servers being shut down by the government and hacking of servers by hackers to steal user data. All privacy is secured and the platform is fully decentralized without being controlled by anyone. With this instant messenger services, e-Chat targets a very potential market share of mobile messenger users that reach 3.548 million and the world market volume for mobile apps reaches $ 166 billion.

In the future, e-Chat hopes to grow according to what they target and become the most innovative messenger service and used by many people around the world. Furthermore, the services offered by e-Chat are social media. This platform will make it easy for its users to share content in the form of photos and videos. You can follow and be followed by other users listed in e-Chat. Organizing your social media homepage feed on e-Chat is easy, you just follow other users who actively share interesting and quality content according to your interests and hobbies.

On the other hand, you can also be an active e-Chat user sharing interesting photos and videos to all your followers. A cryptolike feature offered by e-Chat, allows you to earn money for the content you’ve shared earlier. Your followers can respond to the photos and videos you share by sending tips in the form of a cryptocurrency such as Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on. The more followers you have, the more income you can get.

This highly innovative feature is certainly not found in other social media, and only e-Chat offers it. Presented with Cryptolike feature, e-Chat wants to make it easy for all creators to earn money, without having to complicate advertising. To switch from chatroom to social networking homepage, you simply shift the screen to the right or left.

In addition to Cryptolike, e-Chat also provides an opportunity for its users to earn revenue from useful comments or jokes that they write in chat groups. In fact, e-Chat already provides paid channel features for publishers and bloggers. In fact, e-Chat provides many ways for users to earn an income. Finally, the service offered by e-Chat is a personal finance center. Later you will be given a purely multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Only you can see it yourself. As a security, personal purses are equipped with facial recognition features, fingerprint input, private key storage, and end-to-end encryption, In e-Chat, you can send, receive, and exchange various cryptocurrencies.

Well, you can also send some crypto and fiat currency in private messages. For example, you send 0.5 BTC to the sister who is chatting with you at e-Chat. The transaction goes quickly and very easily. Please note, users can also purchase physical products using e-Chat. The e-Chat app is now available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Please install the application to join the ecosystem of e-Chat.

e-Chat will launch the ECHT token, which will be priced at 1.35 USD for 1 ECHT token. The last ICO takes place from February 8 to February 15, 2018. You can buy it using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin. For E-Chat users, ECHT tokens are important because it will give them additional space in distributed data storage (IPSF), given the platform does not use a central server.

Basically, e-Chat wants to make it easier for users to communicate, earn money, and enjoy the financial services of cryptocurrency in everyday life. If all the targets are achieved by e-Chat, of course, it will be a complete service and selected from around the world. As the user grows, this will certainly make the ECHT token price higher.

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