is an innovative platform that aims to reward consumers for the values they provide while enjoying streaming media services. These values include data, personal time, and consumer attention. For a long time, consumers have received no appreciation for their contribution to the ecosystem. In fact, it is very important for the growth of ecosystems for the better.

To solve this problem, the Current platform was formed and the release of the digital token (CRNC). So, what is the function of the CRNC token? And what are the services offered by the Current platform to users? Check out the answer in the following quick review. is a virtually unlimited content library platform consisting of a collection of popular videos, music, books, movies, podcasts, audio, and so on.

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This platform combines the most popular media content provider networks like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more into one place. Thus, Current users will have an all-in-one experience. A truly innovative idea. Not quite up there, users will also be presented by the user interface to search and discovery of content very easy. The digital media ecosystem that is being developed by Current allows all consumers and content creators to gain credit for their contributions.

Current will utilize the benefits of a blockchain across two phases, first, enabling Current to record user contributions to the platform and reward them for their time, attention, and consumption. -Current Team

Current Ownership Recommendation Algorithm works when users enjoy the content of their choice from different networks. This recommendation algorithm will look at the types, topics, and times played by consumers. Thus, Current is able to provide high-quality recommendations that match the interests of its users and better than a single media source.

Current recommendation algorithm is not only useful for increasing the value of the user experience, but the data it collects can also be exploited by third parties. In addition to having a recommendation algorithm, Current also has a protocol.

The protocol will reward the people who stream, ad impressions, and personal data of users collected in the app. Current Platform makes use of smart contracts to distribute rewards to users. In addition to awards, the protocol will also record every transaction in the blockchain. The expected transaction consists of consumption, curation, or content creation made by the user. Current utilizes blockchain technology to assess time, data, and attention to transparent accounting.

For initial launches on the Current platform today, protocols are only open to third-party providers and developers only, allowing them to expand the ecosystem. Furthermore, accounting results recorded in the blockchain will be presented to advertisers in the form of information or data that is transparent.

With the new exchange standards created by the Current platform, consumers now have more options to pay Creators and Curators for new compensation.

Well, to realize all that Current creates a utility token that meets the ERC-20 standard called CRNC. This token can be used by users to reduce or eliminate the cost of a premium subscription to a streaming service provider, used to access services in other applications, and trade in the exchange.

Meanwhile. The CRNC Token will be used by both party players and advertisers to access the user’s identity profile. Thus, they can make promotions and content creation more targeted. To get the CRNC token is actually very easy, you just enjoy the favorite content on this Current Platform. The more content you play, the more CRNC tokens you’ll get.


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