Coinmetro is a fintech platform that claims to be the latest innovation of blockchain tenure for the future. Not quite up there, this platform even also offers an all-in-one solution for a variety of problems that are facing the world of cryptocurrency. exciting about this project? Find out the reviews about below.

CoinMetro is not only built on sound technology it is also supported by a team of extraordinary people with ample experience in everything from design to client support all the way to customized liquidity management and low latency trading architecture. – CoinMetro Team is a cryptocurrency trading platform that also offers various investment services to digital assets, in a very simple and easy way. Coinmetro is supported by blockchain technology, which guarantees every user transactions are safe, transparent, and peer to peer.

Coinmetro was founded by Kevin Murcko who also serves as CEO of FAXPIG. FAXPIG itself is the first FX Broker to fully encourage the transparency and profitability of each of their clients. FAXPGI has been established since 2011, so Coinmetro will be supported by experienced CEOs and solid team members.

Coinmetro is present to simplify cryptocurrency to make it more transparent and understandable to everyone. So, nowadays people need not be afraid anymore to invest their funds into digital assets or cryptocurrency. Because Coinmetro greatly features user-friendliness and best experience, this platform comes with a lightweight website version and offers a simple user interface. Everyone will understand, even the amateur in the world of cryptocurrency though. Now the question is, what is the services in Coinmetro for users? Find out more on the following list below.

  1. Debit card for instant withdrawal One of the best innovations offered by Coinmetro is a special debit card for each user. With this debit card, you can use it as a means of payment in everyday transactions, Now you can buy a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes using a digital cryptocurrency asset. In one debit card, users can have more than one account that can be tailored to their individual needs. In addition, Coinmetro debit cards can also be used to check the status of the wallet, check balances, and withdraw money instantly from your cryptocurrency balance. thats very interesting project!
  2. Trading cryptocurrency Coinmetro allows every user to buy and sell cryptocurrency, over blockchain technology. This will ensure every transaction is fully decentralized, secure and runs in peer to peer.
  3. Decentralized Exchange Coinmetro set up a decentralized online market based on his immense experience. This results in advantage, easy on the outside and inner complex.
  4. Board of ETF cryptocurrency Each platform user can verify their digital asset portfolio.
  5. High leverage OTC crypto trading This platform combines the Forex market and Cryptocurrency. With 1:50 leverage trading.
  6. Vetted ICO Marketplace Coinmetro has an ICO Express Platform service. This platform will play the funding for your project safely and transparently. Your tokens can be liquid and traded immediately after the ICO ends on the main exchange.
  7. Sophisticated asset management TAM is a special token for investors arranged in a smart blockade contract for Ethereum. Later, funds will be placed in the trade, and the number of profits according to investment funds.
  8. Lend the assets of cryptocurrency This service allows users to earn interest from the crypto assets they lend. Here you can specify the margin, leverage, and interest rate yourself.

To support its highly innovative services, the team has registered Coinmetro and successfully earned e-Money. This means the platform can operate legally.

In Coinmetro users will have a multi-signature wallet from Bitgo with multi-signature security, Some cryptocurrencies that you can save on the wallet are:

  1. Ripple (XRP)
  2. Ethereum (ETH)
  3. Bitcoin (BTC)
  4. BitcoinCash (BCH)
  5. Litecoin (LTC)

To ensure security, Coinmetro offers a very tight security option, not even one hacker who managed to break into the security platform Coinmetro.

Additional security consists of cold storage, biometric authorization, multi-signature transactions and two-factor authentication. You can make deposits to Coinmetro with several options consisting of:

  • Local bank deposit
  • Credit card
  • SEPA Transfer
  • SWIFT Transfer
  • E-wallet

With Coinmetro you can store, and attract digital cryptocurrency assets as needed.

ICO Coinmetro:

Coinmetro will issue their own token named COIN that ERC20 standards. According to information from the official website, the number of tokens issued is 500,000,000 tokens. ICO takes place from February 21, 2018 – March 23, 2018. 1 XCM sells for 0.003 EUR. There is a special 500% bonus for those who buy tokens during the pre-sale period when they reach hard cap. If 200 million COINs are sold, then the token holders will get a lifetime discount on FIXPIG and CoinMetro.

Token Distribution Details:

Conclusion: is a cryptocurrency trading platform and a unique and innovative asset digital investment. This platform will bring the blockchain technology to the future life. By combining forex and cryptocurrency, this platform is able to provide real change.

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