Arcona invites you to join the ecosystem and become one of the owners of Virtual Land. With Arcona, you can buy, rent and sell Virtual Land, content, 3D services and other digital assets to make some money.

The question is, what is Virtual Land? And what projects are being developed by Arcona? Find out the answer in the following review below.

The Arcona Ecosystem creates a Digital Land – a layer of Augmented Reality uniting the physical and virtual worlds into a single information environment perfectly linked to our real world. -Arcona Team

Arcona is a platform that wants to combine the real world and virtual world, by utilizing Augmented Reality technology. The platform was founded on Ethereum blockchain technology. The project being developed by Arcona is creating a new ecosystem, with Virtual Land being the most valuable asset. Virtual Land is digital content that has a real location in a particular area. To be able to see Virtual Land you have to use smartphone and headset AR. At Virtual Land you will see the architecture of buildings and interesting events that have existed in the past. Any buildings and events that happen you can see in real-time.

Later, Virtual Land will be filled with interesting content and spread throughout the world. Arcona hopes everyone can enjoy the elegance of Augmented Reality in different regions with better content and experience. So, who can have Virtual Land? Each Arcona token owner can redeem with Virtual Land.

So, why is Virtual Land the most valuable asset on the platform and users are advised to buy it? Because with Virtual Land, creative people can channel their imagination by creating unique and interesting content, which can be enjoyed by many people.

On the other hand, this content can also be a very profitable virtual commercial project. The reason, Virtual Land with interesting content in it can be rented to everyone. They can earn some money, the more they visit it the more money they will get. For the business people, this also becomes a new land for profit. They can buy Virtual Land and Digital Assets from creators, then rent them back to people.

The owners of Virtual Land have the freedom to organize and design the land they own. Virtual Land is in Arcona also has a physical form in the real world. Please choose your own location where you will use to establish a virtual project. To purchase Virtual Land and other digital assets, you must use the Arcona token.

The Arcona platform is led by Ilia Kurgazolav, with the support of the professional team of Piligrim XXI. Piligrim XXI has 5 years experience in developing Augmented Reality technology solution. In 2014, Piligrim XXI founded the first Augmented Reality Park in Ludza Castle. This development has had a positive impact on Ludza Castle, increasing 30% of the total number of tourists, reaching 600,000 tourists a year coming to the region.

Until now, the number has grown to 8 Augmen reality Park, spread across six European countries. From here we can conclude if Augmented Reality is in great demand by people and shows a very rapid development from time to time.



Here are the features in Arcona :

  1. Remote Setup
    Arcona allows users to develop their virtual projects anywhere, without having to visit the original location. So, you stay at home and focus on designing great content to be enjoyed by everyone.
  2. Activity Safe
    Being born on a smart blockchain contract, Arcona constantly guarantees the Creator’s Ownership and Copyright rights, plots, and other virtual devices. In addition, Arcona systems will also automatically pay ownership and royalty rights to their owners.

The Arcona platform will launch in the first quarter of 2018.
As mentioned above, Token Arcona can be used to purchase and rent Digital Land or other digital assets.

ICO Arcona:
ICO Arcona held on. 1 Token Arcona sells for $ 1 USD or 0.0025 ETH. Hard Cap for $ 50,000,000 with a total supply of 135,000,000 tokens.

Token Distribution Detail :

Conclusion: wants to invite everyone involved in digital projects, be they creators or businesspeople. Virtual Land can be a new asset that will earn them additional income. Built on Ethereum blockchain, Copyrights and Hak Token token owners are guaranteed safe. Hopefully, this short review can be useful to all of you.

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