Debitum Network is a new platform that claims to be “Global Small Business Financing” will utilize the powerful and dynamic Blockchain technology, to distribute at once securing fiat investment into the SME world. Definitely, you will ask, what is the Network Debutium? What projects and goals are they in development? Find out the answer in the following summary and interesting review.

Debitum Network is a platform that aims to help SMEs around the world get capital to grow their business, without having to deal with institutions traditional finance. Debitum Network will build a new ecosystem, which consists of the give loans, borrowers, insurance companies, document validators and risk assessments. Only in the Debitum ecosystem, you can lend to SMEs around the world in need of capital to grow their business.

Debitum purpose is to provide an access to the lucrative SME capital market for everyone. Today, investments in SME debt are profitable, relatively safe, and yet not easy to get engaged into. Debitum Network will directly face and solve this problem. -Debitum Network Team

Debitum Platform built on Ethereum network technology that utilizes based on smart-contracts. It is built on the laws of justice, accessibility, and decentralization. Debitum Network comes as a platform that will solve issues related to credit gap in a $ 2 trillion SME environment. Based on the latest data published by the World Bank, 70% more Small and Medium Enterprises in beginning markets are difficult to access credit.

Debitum Network offers some interesting advantages to its users, specifically:
1. Fellow users of the platform can connect for free
2. Low transaction costs
3. Avoidance of SMEs from strangling traditional lending regulations

When making a transaction on the Debutium platform, the user will use the DEB Token as a tool internal payments. Any agreement will be managed in a smart contract.

Debitum platform is designed with simple and very easy to understand by the user. Every menu can be accessed easily and without complications. The platform will combine blockchain-to-blockchain to remove assets and loans automatically. Integrating knowledge advanced machine learning is done Debutium to automate additional services.

Debitum Network is a platform formed by a professional team, which is the result of a partnership between Debifo and Inntec. Since 2015, Debifo has been leading in SMEs as an alternative financing platform. in 2016, he gained the gift as ” Financial Service of the Year “.

On the other hand, Inntec is the most innovative IT company in Northern Europe. With service high quality to private and public. Debitum Network wants to take over the role of Traditional Financial Institutions, which has long been valued failed to help SMEs acquire capital. In fact, capital is a major factor for supporting SMEs to grow their business.

With the presence of Debutium Network, SME’s worldwide can get capital with very easy, without having to deal with traditional financial institutions. They can get a capital loan of up to 20,000 USD with 12% interest.

ICO Crowdsale :
Debitum Network will release the platform’s native currency DEB. ICO takes place January 25, 2018 – February 25, 2018. The Platform accepts only investments in Ethereum, with a minimum purchase of 0.05 ETH. During this period, you will get a 10% token DEB bonus. 1 Ethereum can redeemable with 6,500 – 7,800 DEB. The company’s hard hat is 20,000 Ethereum. After Crowdsale is completed, Token DEB will be directly traded on the exchange.

Conclusion :
Debitum is a new ecosystem in blockchain that brings together investors and borrowers (perpetrators of SMEs). On this platform, you can donate funds to SMEs worldwide who are developing their business.

Comes with a simple user interface, users will easily understand the Debutium platform. Utilizing blockchain technology, based Network runs safely, transparently, and decentralized. As Debitum processed loans increase, this will drive demand DEB tokens are on the rise.

On the other hand, the number of DEB tokens is limited. Conditions like this will be making the DEB token price increase.for more info, Please visit the official website of

Hopefully, this short review can be useful to all of you

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