Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is a token sales platform and cryptocurrency exchange that deserves to be the most cutting-edge and different from other platforms. Built on the basis of decentralized values and community consensus, this platform ensures the sale of secure tokens and compliance with regulations.

The presence of GBX is certainly a new face in blockchain technology that is often used as a place to hold ICO. Because this platform will decrease the public’s negative view of the ICO, which in recent times has often been linked to less favorable acts. How will GBX complete the mission? Find the answers below.

First of all, let us consider carefully how the ICO market develops. If you are actively following the world of cryptocurrency, you will certainly realize how the active growth of the ICO market, especially throughout 2017.

Through the implementation of ICO, various companies with their respective projects managed to earn a lot of money to develop the project. On the internet itself, the news about ICO is also widely circulated, whether it’s from Youtube, Blogs, Forums, and Websites. The recent ICO-ICO implementation, which will benefit project developers and investors. For the company, they can get the amount of capital they need to develop the project.

On the other hand, investors will be offered profits that are quite tempting and they will eventually be interested. But unfortunately, not all ICO conducted by the company gave a positive value and did not benefit investors. Because. there are a handful of irresponsible parties, instead of using ICO for negative things.

In the end, emerging countries are opposing the implementation of ICO. Call it South Korea and China, these two countries have entered a comprehensive ban on the ICO market. For this reason, GBX is present in response to investors doubts about the implementation of ICO. The platform wants to represent a new era in the cryptocurrency industry based on the value of openness, trust, and acceptance by all parties globally.

GBX itself is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. He is a stock exchange that has stood since 20015 ago. Armed with years of experience in traditional stock exchanges, in early 2018 he plans to set up a blockchain-based token sales platform. The CEO of GSX Group or GBX is Nick Cowan. Nick Cowan has 35 years of experience as senior management in the capital market including Bear Stearns, and ING Bank.

In recent years, companies have actively participated in blockchain conferences around the world. With the experience of qualified companies and solid team members, GBX  is optimistic to be the token trading platform and the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world.
One of the values that differentiate GBX from other platforms is the “Community Consensus”. The group called GBX Alliance tasked to create consensus by analyzing new coins before they are added to the platform. The GBX alliance will seek to establish a secure cryptocurrency industry for investors.

The GBX team will create a cryptocurrency exchange that works like a stock exchange. The platform also applies business models that comply with EU law.

The next major feature is the procedure of whitelisting diligent and innovative sponsors. The investor pool consists of the best AML / KYC. On the other hand, GBX wants to be the most transparent and energetic platform for investors. This is done in order to create a better future. The platform fully encourages the credibility, trust, and liquidity of the participants.

GBX Token Sale:

Rock Token is the currency of choice for the new-age fintech ecosystem and suite of financial services. – Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Rock Token is the main currency in the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange platform for lists, transactions, and other functions. 1 RKT sold for 0.1 USD. Token Sale will be running on February 7, 2018 – February 14, 2018. The platform received investment in the form of Ethereum.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange wants to be the token selling platform and the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The platform seeks to the greatest extent possible to create a new era of secure, transparent, and regulatory cryptocurrency. Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange aims to convince investors against the implementation of ICO. So, they do not have to worry anymore to invest some money in the crypto industry. Hopefully, this short review can be useful to all of you.

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