FuzeX.com platform offers smart card electronics to make payments using cryptocurrency easily and quickly. Not only that, there are many more advantages and conveniences offered by FuzeX.com. Check out interesting projects carried by the following platform.

FuzeX.com ICO Reviews :

As we all know, cryptocurrency is now growing strongly in the middle of society all over the world. Some take advantage of digital currencies as long-term investments, online payment instruments, as well as savings. But over the course of time, cryptocurrency users would want to use their digital assets to make offline payments.

For example, buy clothes at the mall, buying food at cafes, restaurants, and other daily transactions. Although today’s cryptocurrency users can convert digital currency into fiat currency, the process is long and time-consuming. When you want to convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency, the user must make a liquefaction transaction first. And waited for a while until the money had come to the account. Then you have to go to an ATM or Bank to pick up the funds.

This method may be suitable to attract large funds, but if only make a payment at the cafe and restaurant of course very complicated. This is the problem FuzeX.com wants to solve. The platform offers an intelligent electronic card, which contains 30 types of debt payments, cryptocurrency, rewards, discounts, and credits. All in one card, easy to carry anywhere, multifunctional, and make everyday transactions more practical and easy.

The FuzeX card comes with highly advanced technology. This card has a button, which has several functions. Like turning off cards, turning on cards, selecting payment options, inserting pins, and confirming payments.

Later, on the screen electronic paper technology, FuzeX cardholders can see barcode , balance, and QR code address in the locker network. Not quite up there, all come loaded in the FuzeX card can be removed from a distance. FuzeX cards are made with a battery life of about 45 days. If the battery is exhausted, then the user can recharge the card using a portable charger.

To provide more benefit to every user, then this platform will also be given electronic wallets in the form of FuzeX applications. How to connect the card and application FuzeX very easy, just use Bluetooth only. The benefit you will get is to protect the contents of your balance on the card, from crimes that may be done by others.  For example, when the connection is broken, then the user can block the card.

Cheating on cards can also be prevented by two-factor authentication. So, how to use FuzeX card?

  1. Please choose which cryptocurrency you want to use in FuzeX
  2. View the number of balances and equivalent values into fiat currency in real time
  3. When about to make a payment, hand the FuzeX card to the merchant.
  4. Later merchants will receive, and insert your card as usual. The POS terminal sends to the relevant commitments.
  5. Through FuzeX Exchange, the publisher will check your account with fiat funds. If the balance is sufficient, then the payment is received, and if the balance is insufficient then the payment will be rejected.
  6. The merchant accepts your payment authorization, and the transaction process is completed. Later, at FuzeX Wallet you will receive a purchase summary.

Any user-initiated transactions, this will support the sustainability of the FuzeX platform and retain funds in the exchange. The cryptocurrency FuzeX obtained from users will be offered to the market. The proceeds from the sale of the cryptocurrency are used to avoid high price fluctuations of crypto.

If you are interested in using a convenient and practical payment of cryptocurrency payment services from FuzeX. Then you must have FuzeX tokens first. This FuzeX Token is used to pay annual fees, purchase FuzeX electronic cards, and pay a fee each time a transaction is made.

To further develop the service platform, the FuzeX team plans to integrate and collaborate with several other brands. Any user who buys FXT token in the initial stages of sales will get a 25% bonus. The minimum amount of contribution at the beginning of the sale is 5 ETH. The number of pre-sale supplies is 20,000 ETH or 240,000,000 FXT. 1 ETH can get 12,000 FXT.

Meanwhile, if you join when the main sale takes place, it will get a bonus of 10% .The minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH. FuzeX smart electronic card is provided free of charge for users who contribute at least 5 ETH.


FuzeX.com is a platform that allows cryptocurrency users to spend digital assets in daily transactions. FuzeX cards come with advanced technology, which includes 30 types of debit cards, various cryptocurrency options, discounts, rewards, and credits.

Hopefully, this short review is useful to all of you.

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