is a platform designed specifically to protect the rights of content in a decentralized digital ledger. The presence of this platform will be a solution to the problem of copyright images that have long been left alone, but it’s really very disturbing to the original owner. How does Copytrack solve this problem? Here’s the full review.

COPYTRACK will set the precedent for a global, transparent and decentralized register for copyrights of digital content. -Copyrack Team

Before going further, let’s first look at the background of
Copytrack is a platform built to protect the copyright of digital content of photographers, ie photos they upload on the internet. The reason is, that today’s era of theft of images on the internet frequently happened.

Lots of people download and use images on the internet, without asking for permission and providing compensation funds to the original owners. They don’t understand the rules and copyright, all they know is to download is free.

On the other hand, the image owner has absolutely no legal evidence to claim ownership of the image. Worst of all, they have difficulty tracking the movement and use of images. So the theft of digital content continues to run for a long time. In fact, photographers have to work hard to produce a beautiful and charming work. that’s why Copytrack will become a solution for people who need pictures and photographers, related to digital content copyright. Copytrack is a Berlin-based company, with offices in Tokyo and Japan.

This platform became one of the pioneers of copyright implementation around the world as well as a strong image marketplace. Over the past 3 years, Copytrack helps photographers claim their copyright and get some compensation funds. Approximately 50,000 images claimed by copyright by their respective owners. The photography community is of course greatly helped by the presence of this CopyTrack platform.

Copytrack utilizes an exclusive image tracking engine to find all the photos that every user has, online on all websites on the internet. This machine is very powerful and easy to operate to find images. Later, the user can sort out the results and if a copyright infringement is found, they can report to the company, and the copytrack legal team will initiate the law enforcement process.

These services can be used for free by the user. Through the global reach of Copytrack, teams can overcome theft in more than 140 countries and bring them to justice when needed. The Platform will take a 30% – 50% commission each time successfully overcoming any legal disruptions. Just one click away, you can resolve the copyright infringement and be completed by a qualified lawyer. The “Global Centralized Library” is the core of the Copytrack platform itself. The platform will form a new ecosystem, where digital content copyright is completely transparent, open, and decentralized.

On the other hand, the Copytrack platform will serve as a transparent Image Marketplace for photographers and image users. Both parties can conduct transactions safely and according to the law, without any party to be harmed. Each prospective client can interact directly with the owner of the image right, then negotiate the price to be paid. Looking at the brief reviews above, we can judge if Copytrack comes as a platform that develops innovative ideas. Because out there is still no other platform that seeks to protect the copyright of photographers. Along with the increasing number of photographers and images uploaded to the internet, of course, there will be more active in the ecosystem Copytrack.

Copytrack will release the original token (CPY) that works to make the payment process within the ecosystem quickly, easily and flexible. Later, every client who buys the image will get a modular license. The interface of the website is designed with simple and simple so that users can easily understand it.

ICO CopyTrack will take place from December 10, 2017 – February 10, 2018. You can get a CPY token using ETH, at an exchange rate of 1 Ethereum = 740 CPY. The minimum investment is 0.1 Ethereum.


Copytrack is a blockchain-based platform that works to protect the copyright of photographers’ work globally. With Copytrack, photographers can get a compensation fund for their works, and avoid theft of harmful and irresponsible image theft. Because it brings innovative ideas, the platform can be predicted to grow rapidly. Moreover, the number of graphic photos that upload images to the internet is also more and more, this platform can be an Image Marketplace that many people demand.

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