Globcoin is a new cryptocurrency that is operating on a very interesting project. Using Blockchain technology, this platform comes with combining the best features of digital currency with fiat currency. As a result, a platform that allows everyone to make transactions between countries using foreign currency runs easier, cheaper, and all controls are in their hands. A very interesting concept, and deserves to be recognized. Please view a short review of how interesting Globcoin innovations for the world’s financial system follow.

Globcoin crypto platform will enable the launch of customised currency baskets for a variety of uses. – Globcoin Team

As we all know, so far the foreign exchange market can only be reached by big investors only. The reason is simply that the cost is very expensive. Thus, the common people who are limited in the capital, that difficult to make foreign currency transactions. They have to go through a series of processes that are looked being not efficient and waste the time. From here Globcoin present for everyone in the world. This platform will become a new innovation by working as a basket of fiat currencies. There are around 15 of the world’s largest currencies that you can reach via Globcoin, and 5% of them are gold.

Globcoincan is your most complete financial assistant. He will act as a bank to save, as well as a personal foreign exchange agent, which will give you the advantage when having to pay using other countries currency. In fact, you can withdraw some money from Globcoin and receive payment. This platform can be used by everyone very easily because it is available in website versions and apps. The interface is very simple, making all transactions just click and click.

Globcoin appearance would be very helpful to many societies. For example, the tourists who like to travel around the world, the common business of online shopping from abroad, students, and much more.
Not only that, cryptocurrency users will also benefit. They can increase by creating a portfolio. Although Globcoin is classified as a cryptocurrency, all users have permanent assets. This innovation has certainly not been discovered before, so there absolutely many people interested to joining the Globcoin community. This unique and exciting platform is built on top of the Ethhereum blockchain. Every transaction will run with peer to peer method, without any interference from any party. Transactions are also guaranteed to be safe, transparent, and at a very affordable cost.

With the many advantages Globcoin offers, everyone in the world can plunge into the foreign exchange market with great ease, simply using their smartphone. In addition, there is no expensive cost to access it, because every transaction can be tailored to your needs. Because it brings a very interesting concept and innovation, Globcoin is predicted to grow rapidly over time. In fact, Globcoin platform doesn’t put super expensive ads, he is known more people by word of mouth. So, what are the benefits token holders? The benefits associated with this are tailored to the growth and growth of Globcoin itself. The ICO Globcoin runs from 13 January 2018 – 31 January 2018. The total token supply of GCP is 41.9 million. The price of 1 GCP is $ 3.66.

Conclusion: is a new cryptocurrency platform that offers the world’s 15 largest currency basket and gold. With Globcoin, everyone can trade in easy, fast, and secure foreign exchange. Thanks to this exciting and unique innovation, Globcoin platform gets well received by many crypto users and is predicted to grow rapidly.
Hopefully this short review can be useful to all of you.

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