In recent years the world of cryptocurrency has been increasing firmly. The proof is, more and more new platforms are developing and organizing their ICO. Of course, with different concepts and projects.
This time the world of cryptocurrency has a new project, the presence of a unique and innovative platform, named BABB. So interesting, so many investors from various parts of the world who welcomed this platform. So, what is the BABB platform? How exciting and how the prospects for the future? Find all the answers in the following reviews below.

BABB stands for Blockchain Based Bank Account. From here we can know if this platform offers blockchain-based banking services. BABB itself is a cryptocurrency developed by the UK central bank. So that surely, users will have a bank account based in the UK. BABB’s main goal is to make it easy for all cryptocurrency users to spend their digital assets every day. It is realized with the Black Card made by BABB. This card serves as a payment instrument using the user’s cryptocurrency assets. How to use it is also very easy, you just handed the card to the seller. Later the seller will use QR codes and NFC tags to connect to your BABB account.

The Black Card functions as a prepaid card and debit card. These cards can be purchased at stores or online. If the card is lost, don’t worry about the card being used by someone. Because all the data in the card can be removed from your smartphone. Oh yeah, besides The Black Card users can also access their account with the application. The application serves as mobile banking. Because it comes with the support of blockchain technology, BABB is promising to provide much better service than traditional banks. Thanks to blockchain technology, transactions made by users can be faster and easier. This will be the best solution, for those who love the speed and hate the old process.

In addition, blockchain technology will also provide very strong security. Your personal data will remain secure, without worrying about being stolen by others. When transacting, users will connect directly with other users without any intermediary party. This transaction is better known as peer to peer method. Now, the question is how does BABB anticipate fraud in transactions?

Every BABB user has a digital identity supported by geolocation and biometric technology. So, you can know who is behind every transaction. it’s not very different from other cryptocurrency platforms, decentralization is the primary right of every user. The decisions they make come from their own desires, rather than being regulated by any party. Because the transaction process runs peer to peer without involving a third party so that every transaction will be charged a very low cost when compared to traditional banks. The BABB platform has a cryptocurrency asset price that matches the national currency price of the user. This will give better stability, and avoid price fluctuations as well as other cryptocurrencies.

BABB is also supported by AI to create KYC Dynamic. Every day, user profiles are constantly updated and scored credit according to the transactions they make. BABB has been authorized by the UK as a payment institution. Target BABB is everyone in the world who wants to spend their cryptocurrency in everyday life. Not only that, those who are already connected to the internet but still can not enjoy traditional banking services are also part of the BABB target.

This is a great potential, considering there are still so many unbanked people around the world. With BABB services, the unbanked class has full access to bank accounts without any obstacles. BAX is the main token to enjoy all BABB services. Such as paying services, exchange of crowdsourcing, cross currency, and contributions on third-party exchanges.

BABB will sell 60% of its total tokens during public sale and 20% for the core team. The platform targets 20 billion by 2018 and gets an additional 10 billion by 2019. and BABB Pre Sale is Sold Out! it’s amazing!


By offering blockchain-based banking services, which makes it easy for all cryptocurrency users to spend their digital assets in day-to-day transactions. BABB is predicted to be the new idol of cryptocurrency users in the world. What’s more, their target is the internet users who are still classified as unbanked. The amount is huge and very potential to provide significant progress for the company. Hopefully, this brief review can be useful for you

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