WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform that allows energy producers, investors and consumers across the world to connect directly in a decentralized ecosystem. One of WePower’s goals is to provide real change to the world, by utilizing blockchain technology. This platform wants to realize a full cleaner and healthier world.

What is the project that WePower.network is developing ? Check out the following reviews below.

WePower enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens. – WePower Team

WePower is currently developing projects to build wind, water and solar power plants in a number of European countries. WePower’s initial target countries are Estonia, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The platform was first thought in January 2017. Nikolac Martnyiuk is a Co-Founder of the WePower platform. For 10 years, Nikolac Martyniuk worked in the energy sector, selling/buying green energy, building energy plants and solar power plants.

In addition to the experienced CEO in the field of green energy, there are also Artūras Asakavičius (Co-Founder, Investments), he has experience in FinTech and studying law in the Baltic. The platform is also supported by other key members namely Augustus Staras (Co-Founder, P2P & Crowdfunding). WePower is really supported by qualified people in their field. Have a look at the official website to see more full members of the WePower team. check it here

First of all, WePower wants to be a solution for green energy producer organizations that are getting difficult to get additional capital from banks. With WePower, green energy producers can sell the energy they generate in the future, in the form of tokens to investors and consumers.

The token sale is done upfront, with a value below the market price. 1 WPR token represents 1 kWh. The more tokens you have, the greater the electrical energy you have. After successfully selling tokens, green energy producers will use the funds to build power plants. Whether it’s hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants, and solar power plants.

In addition to helping green energy producers to gain additional capital, WePower also wants to open opportunities for investors to contribute to the development of cleaner. clean and healthier power plants because it doesn’t produce pollution. Investors are given the opportunity by WePower to join in creating a cleaner and healthier world change in the future. The more successful WPR tokens sold, the greater the electrical energy generated. The electrical energy is a real asset for the WPR token.

WePower is built on the Ethereum blockchain and backed by smart contracts. Any transactions performed on the platform are guaranteed to be secure, and transparent. WePower collaborates with global energy developers, making sure it is safe. Besides these platforms are specially designed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, therefore WePower gains support from the government. On the consumer side, WePower will provide a very significant advantage as they can buy directly from manufacturers of electrical energy. This reduces the positions of third parties who set prices too expensive.

WPR tokens held by investors and consumers give them 2 benefits :

  1. Can get token price much cheaper: WPR token holders have a much greater priority to get the best price
  2. Access to a pool of contributions: Once the funds are raised, the power plant is shortly created, and the plant begins generating energy. Later, 0.9% of the energy generated will be present in tokens and entered in a contribution pool. You may sell, hold or reinvest the token.

WePower fully supports the value of transparency, so that each user feels protected and more comfortable. The information from the energy network is converted to tokens, it reflects how much energy the factory generates and how much energy the user uses. The amount of energy users use is automatically converted to a CO2 token. This CO2 Token describes how many emissions you managed to save.


Operations will begin immediately within a period of 9 months after the ICO takes place. According to information from the WePower.network weigh platform, their market potential is worth 1.24 trillion USD and about 15309 people are already waiting for the sale of WPR token. The numbers are certainly very large.

Along with the growing number of WePower users and the increasing demand for tokens, the price of WPR is also getting higher. Every investor is required to contribute a minimum of 200 USD if you want to contribute to the creation of green energy. 1 ETH worth 4000 WPR token. SoftCap worth 5M USD and Hard Cap for 35M USD.

On the official website, you can see the WePower roadmap and calculated volume growth of green energy contribution within 6 years.

ICO begins on February 1, 2018


WePower is a green energy trading platform, allowing everyone to contribute to creating green energy. Supported by a global network, energy producers can collaborate with investors and consumers around the world.

in the other hands, energy producers can get additional capital and on the side of investors or consumers can get a number of significant profits. Looking at all the advantages and features, WePower is predicted to continue to grow significantly over time.

Website – Whitepaper – Announcement 


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