Today, It’s no secret that cryptocurrency is now a promising investment ground for many people in the world. Its development that shows significant numbers, makes people not worries when investing money in cryptocurrency.

Greetings the popularity of cryptocurrency, now many projects with interesting concepts and ideas are rising. The Ethereum-based platform continues to hold their ICOs and gives people the opportunity to develop their assets

Peculium is a platform that works to improve cryptocurrency assets. In order to maximize profits and lower user risk, the platform is supported by “Financial Advisors” of advanced technology.
Thus, users don’t need to analyze data and information from various sources related to cryptocurrency is considered very complicated. All will run easily.

PECULIUM is a visionary innovation in the realm of traditional savings, which with the help of AIΞVE and Blockchain Technology, provides groundbreaking solutions in savings management for individuals, brokers, and companies that are based on the underlying value of crypto-assets – Peculium Teams

Then, how can the value of Peculium’s user cryptocurrency assets grow significantly ?.
Later, Peculium platform will utilize the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market worldwide. Users can jump into the market, with the help of Peculium’s “Financial Advisor”. The technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automatic Machine Learning (AML) called AIEVE. AIEVE itself stands for Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Values and Equilibrium.

AIEVE is an automated machine that serves to analyze and study large amounts of data from previous reports.
AIEVE’s performance is further enhanced by Peculium technology called AIUVE. This technology will read various information from novels, news articles, books, and other literal in 8 language versions at once. In fact, it can also analyze information from various media related to cryptocurrency.

Both of these advanced technologies will work according to their own jobs, then give the result of a decision suggestion to the user about what actions they should take against the current cryptocurrency assets. Because it has been through various data analysis, the decision given AIEVE more accurate. So users will benefit maximally, with the risk of loss is very small. Peculium is built on blockchain technology, so every transaction will be transparent and safe.

Peculium is offers full transparency to users so that they can monitor their portfolio of cryptocurrency assets at any time. Not only that, decentralization is also supported by Peculium. Users are free to manage their cryptocurrency assets without being interrupted by any party. Every decision you take is self-right, Peculium-made technology is just giving the best advice. Users are also given full autonomy powers. Starting from the basic autonomy that suits individuals and investors. Until advanced autonomy is appropriate for large companies, as well as professional sellers.


The plan after the crowdsale takes place, the Peculium token will be traded on the cryptocurrency market. Other opportunities are quite interesting and can provide better benefits to the user.

ICO Peculium :
ICO Peculium runs from December 17, 2017 – January 24, 2018. Total token supply of 20,000,000,000, with 30% issued at ICO and pre-sale.

Conclusion :
Peculium is a saving platform supported by AI and AML as “Financial Advisors” to increase profits while minimizing losses. The Peculium platform is perfect for long-term investments of all sizes, as the platform promises to increase their crypto assets. It’s really a very interesting concept.


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