Nowadays, Investments is the best choice of many people to increase their funds. Actually there are so many types and investment models that you can choose. However, the investment model in real estate, cryptocurrency, and stocks, has recently become a new trend that is rapidly increasing worldwide. Why does it happen? Because investment in real estate, cryptocurrency and stocks, can provide a huge profits when compared to investments made in banks or other financial institutions.

So far, investment growth in real estate continues to grow rapidly to reach $ 217 trillion. This is also followed by a sharp increase in the investment model of cryptocurrency. So no wonder, if many people are getting interested and follow the investment cryptocurrency and real estate. Although it offers a huge profit, it does not mean this investments have no risk at all. Of course there are risks and challenge in this way.

From Cryptocurrency itself, it has a very high volatility and price fluctuations. The price of a coin can increase by up to 10x in one month, and fall by 10x in a week. Thus, it is very risky for the newbie who does not yet have the knowledge of how to analyze the right price. As a result, the losses they will get. On the other hand, investing in real estate also has some drawbacks. Starting from the need for substantial funds, many rules, very small liquidity, and smaller profits.

Well, are you confused about where you can invest your funds? to solved the doubts and indecision of many people in making investments, there is a new investment platform that is very interesting, named Caviar. What is Caviar? And What are the advantages and benefits that you can get ? Take a look at these short reviews to the end.

Caviar provides instant diversification with real estate debt and cryptocurrencies, powered by an algorithmic model and profit sharing in ETH. – Caviar Team

Caviar is a platform that combines the investment of cryptocurrency and real estate investments into a digital token. This platform offers full benefits to each user and lowers the risk of loss to the smallest point. This is realized by applying the cryptocurrency hedging strategy and token diversification.

What is a diversification strategy of token and hedging cryptocurrency ?

Diversification token is one way of investing by sharing it into several types of assets. This is to maximize profits and minimize risk. Meanwhile, Hedging Cryptocurrency is the steps taken to protect or limit investments from the high fluctuations of cryptocurrency. You do this by moving your cryptocurrency asset to a real estate asset if the cryptocurrency price is going down. Then, he will buy back the asset if the price increases. A great concept!

The reason why Caviar offers real estate investment because this is relatively stable value or price. This certainly very suitable to offset the high price fluctuations of cryptocurrency. Well, its very interesting, the two types of investments with the Hedging and Differentiation strategies offered by Caviar. This platform will give you 2 markets that have the potential to generate maximum profits, with one token only. Of course this will not be found on other platforms.

All Caviar token holders will earn 75% profit each quarter, which is done over smart contracts and blockchain. Thus, all investments and transactions will more transparent. doesn’t require you to invest in large amounts, it’s up to you. Whether to invest big or small. This is of course also adjusted to the amount of money you have. In addition to the things mentioned above, Caviar its also become crowdfunding platform. In this case, real estate developers can collect some money to complete the project, and for token holders can participate in potentially profitable projects. Thus, both parties are equally benefited. is the next generation of Caviar Capital LP, founded by experienced team members in all fields, both cryptocurrency, real estate, etc . For the past 5 years, Caviar Capital LP offers stable financing for real estate development in the United States. Caviar Capital LP provides short-term loans to people who meet the terms. These funds are used to sell, repair, and buy single or multi family homes in the United States.

The main ICO of runs from December 12, 2017 – January 31, 2018. The number of token supply is 375 million which is priced at $ 0.1 per token. You can join into by purchasing the tokens using Waves, LTC, BCH, BTC, and ETH.

Conclusion is a great platform to maximize profits from investment. Here you can invest in cryptocurrency and real estate in just one token. The Platform applies the Hedging and Distribution strategy to reduce the risk of loss to the smallest point and increase the value of profit. By joining, you will earn 75% profit each quarter in Ethereum. Caviar can also help bring together investors and real estate developers.

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