“This mobile point of sales system, as a tool, allow us to strengthen payment options for farmers” Said Martín Ochoa Rodriguez (Director of Sales, Pioneer) on Beluga Pay

Belugapay is a platform that aims to help merchants grow their business, by offering a very easy payment system. The main product is Point of Sale which will process payment from cash, cryptocurrency, and credit or debit card. To show its seriousness, Belugapay brings a promising mission that is as “the point of sale of the first complete mobile system”. So, customers will be very easy in making enough payment with their smartphone.

Pre-sale tokens will starts from 1 October until 30 November 2017. About 40% of the total token subsidy will be issued at ICO, there is an up to 20% special offer for those following pre-sale. Check out what is Blugapay in the following article.

Until now, Blugapay is still through an app trial stage in Mexico called “Espiral”. In this country, the Blugapay payment service has been applied by 200 live traders for the betterment of their business. The payment service is a mPOS or mobile point sales system. This system will process Mastercard, Crypto, and VISA. They will transact in large amounts of 4M USD and currently, the industry chargeback rate is only 0.1%. Beluga Pay aims to give big power to small and large traders to accelerate the development of the business they are managing. This is done by solving some of the big problems that are still facing traders today and allowing low transaction costs.

According to the information contained in the Beluga Pay whitepaper, the BBI token holders will receive 0.5% of all transaction costs. Bulega Pay has a design that is easy to use by all users because it is friendly to the look of tablets, desktop, and smartphones. The BBI award program lets you get more customers by allowing payments via ETH, BTC, Mastercard, VISA, and all major cryptos. Exclusive global and enduring global licenses have been acquired by Beluga for Espiral technology and their team. The purpose of this licensing is to extend Belugapay’s payment technology to new areas that are expected to grow rapidly.

Beluga Pay platform has an interesting innovation for prospective shareholders, which is testing white-label payment application addressed to the company Pioneer, Dupont (NYSE: DD). This system will serve as a tool that allows Beluga to strengthen farmer’s payment options. The target of Beluga is 2 billion adults living in some developing countries such as Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. The target market is certainly very potential and give a big boost to the progress of Belugapay.

On the other hand, this platform also believes if they are able to move faster than a large traditional incumbent company. During 2017 and 2018, the Beluga platform plans to introduce a new product suite aimed at becoming “the first complete mobile system selling point”. Beluga Pay offers mobile wallet services as it sees great opportunities. Opportunities are seen from the number of mobile users who reached more than 100 million, and only 15% who use credit cards. This will be a very potential and profitable opportunity.

Beluga Pay also allows merchants to receive Crypto and Mastercard processing certification as well as VISA. Until now, American Express integration is being processed. All sales products will be converted to open source, allowing merchants to display all their brands, and Beluga will secretly process transactions and prepare all the tools needed for business development.

The Great Features Offered by Beluga:

  1. Beluga Point of Sale : A sophisticated mobile app for crippling, credit and debit for small businesses. Traders can manage customers with actionable analysis to make business development more significant.
  2. Beluga Restaurant Edition : A tablet app that will simplify transactions and communications between customers, servers, kitchens, and management.
    Software developed by Beluga also allows users to access Beluga smoothly despite poor internet coverage.
  3. Beluga Peer 2 Peer : A mobile app that is very easy to use by all users. This peer 2 peer transfer method allows you to send via crypto, debit, and credit. The funds, you can save to a bank account without waiting for a long time. Even the next day though. It’s also very interesting because you can send money to friends around the world quickly and safely.
  4. Beluga’s Payment Data : The BBI tokens offered by Beluga can be used by merchants to see the anonymous spending patterns of each ideal customer and perform critical analyzes for the betterment of their business.
    Pre-sale tokens are held from October 1 to November 30, with a subsidy of 40% of the total 100 million tokens to be launched. Approximately the sale of tokens on pre-sale is as much as 40 million.
    Price of token of Beluga Pay when ICO is 1 BBI = 0.00258 ETH or 0.82 USD. You can buy BBI tokens using Bitcoin, Etherium, and USD

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